Games for Waypoint 101


Quake 4 so everyone can remember how bad Quake got after 3.

Clone Commandos though is pretty great iirc and I remember actually liking the AI team members.


Tales of The Borderlands



I know you guys said that you wanted a lighter game for the next 101 but I’d love to see how Spec Ops: The Line holds up nowadays!


Paper Mario 64 or Paper Mario TTYD?

Might be harder to find, though 64 is on the virtual console, but either one would be much lighter, fun, and engaging games. They each have examples of great game design (especially TTYD’s battle system), great writing (sort of a precursor to the Wierd Nintendo humor we’ve seen culminate in Mario + Rabbids), and boy the characters are terrific.


P.S. If I had a dollar for every hour I’ve spent staring at a Gamestop shopping cart with nothing but a new copy of TTYD and a Gamecube just to replay it…


I’d like to see Braid covered as it was so well regarded at the time it came out, and it would be interesting to see if it still holds up these days.


Bastion, or really any Supergiant game for that matter.

Also +1 for Harebrained Scheme’s Shadowrun games, particularly Dragonfall (this is totally not just an excuse to go back and finish it on my part).


Sonic Forces. Full descriptions and backstories for OCs if you’re not cowards.


There’s an LP I was going to recommend but unfortunately I can’t find the archives of the streams. Friends of the site Jack de Quidt and Kat [I don’t know their last name, sorry Kat] streamed a playthrough of Until Dawn a year or two ago, where they did some really insightful analysis of the game and the horror genre as a whole.

Hopefully those videos haven’t just vanished into the ether…


They mentioned Bastion and I really do hope they play it. It’s been one of my favourites pretty much since it came out, and every time I remember Austin hasn’t finished it I think it’s a shame because it does seem like it’d be his jam? The storytelling of it is such a big deal to me. I know they said they didn’t like the controls so much, and I’ve heard that from others. I played it with mouse & keyboard (though apparently the “best” way to play is with controller), and didn’t have too much of a problem. Then again, I don’t play a whole lot of action-y games so it didn’t have muscle memory of other things to fight with I guess.


I played Bastion at launch with a mouse and keyboard and I found using WASD pretty annoying as you couldn’t walk parallel with the angle of the level by holding down WD. I’d imagine that would be better with a controller.


Yeah, that was my mom’s biggest problem with it when I tried to introduce her to it. It didn’t bother me that much but that’s just because it didn’t get in the way enough to annoy me I’d imagine.


I’d like to chip in by saying I think Dragonfall would be a great choice. Lot to talk about both from narrative, but also it’s form as the engine is an adaptation of a tabletop.


I do feel like Spec ops the line would be the best game for the team to play after this weeks theme on guns. The game isn’t really focus on guns but more of a commentary on 3rd person shooters and the role of the player.


I want to make a Danielle focused 101 game suggestion.

A couple weeks ago on a podcast Danielle wondered what a one-person developed immersive sim may look like. So may I suggest NEON STRUCT: Die Augen der Welt. Developed by just one man, David Pittman (save for the music), it seems like it’s kind of an example of what Danielle was pondering. I feel like Austin has mentioned it somewhere at some point but I don’t recall him specifying if he finished it. It’s also somewhat cyberpunky (cyberpunk-lite???) which Austin mentioned might be the direction for the next game anyways.


Jet Set Radio is a dollar on steam for the next week. I’d like another excuse to play it. Hearing Mello’s thoughts on it would also be cool if possible but I’m just spitballin’ here.


I’m currently playing this and would second the suggestion except that I feel like it would preempt my actual desired topic, which is the original Deus Ex. I feel like I never ever hear people talk about the specifics of that game, it’s only ever mentioned in passing as an influential immersive sim, but the details of how it’s levels are designed and how it’s lore is folded into the game is so amazing.


While it may on the surface seem a more boring choice than the original, I’d also put in a word for Human Revolution. I think it’s the game Cyberpunk 2077 is most likely to be compared to by the majority of players, alongside Mankind Divided, and has the benefit of not being 18 years old. Not everyone has the fortitude for that old pc RPG ropiness.

That said, I’m down for any Deus Ex that isn’t The Fall. I’d even take the time to play Invisible War if it got picked.

The whole series is down to pocket change in the steam sale too.


I mentioned this in the discord, but it seems like every Waypoint 101 game so far has been a dystopian/post-apocalyptic shooty game. It would be really nice to branch out from that a bit. Maybe a platformer, a sports game, or a racing game.


I’d also suggest that we keep it to games that released for multiple platforms to allow more people to take part.


I’d like to add one vote for Bully please! It’s a rockstar game with a bit of restraint, especially when it comes to the horrible humor that was mentioned in a recent waypoint story. The remaster on Steam is very good and has a lot of resources for problems on launch.