Games Industry Wrestles With Multiple New Allegations of Abuse

Where there is smoke, there is often fire. Last week, there was a lot of smoke in the video game industry, as it grappled with a growing list of allegations against game developers, which ranged from sexual assault to managerial abuse. Some have admitted culpability, others have denied everything and hired lawyers. One of the accused has since died. As we reported last week, what started as three high-profile accusations has snowballed into gaming’s own #MeToo moment, as people come forward with stories previously kept secret.

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This is a thoughtful piece, but I don’t understand why none of the games media writeups I’ve seen link to Scott Benson’s medium piece on Holowka. (cw for workplace abuse, suicide, and mental health struggles). I think it’s really important context to have for how Holowka operated in the industry, what his role in the game was, and why the other two devs were able to act so quickly. Is there a reason I’m missing for why people were willing to share it on twitter but leave it unreported?

Edit: I was wrong, see Catamari under me for where it was linked previously


It was already linked within the last Waypoint article on Alec Holowka so maybe that’s why it’s not in this one?


Thank you; hadn’t seen that and I was too quick to jump the gun.
It was bugging me, so seeing it was linked is a relief

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