Games Industry Wrestles With Multiple New Allegations of Abuse

Where there is smoke, there is often fire. Last week, there was a lot of smoke in the video game industry, as it grappled with a growing list of allegations against game developers, which ranged from sexual assault to managerial abuse. Some have admitted culpability, others have denied everything and hired lawyers. One of the accused has since died. As we reported last week, what started as three high-profile accusations has snowballed into gaming’s own #MeToo moment, as people come forward with stories previously kept secret.

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This is a thoughtful piece, but I don’t understand why none of the games media writeups I’ve seen link to Scott Benson’s medium piece on Holowka. (cw for workplace abuse, suicide, and mental health struggles). I think it’s really important context to have for how Holowka operated in the industry, what his role in the game was, and why the other two devs were able to act so quickly. Is there a reason I’m missing for why people were willing to share it on twitter but leave it unreported?

Edit: I was wrong, see Catamari under me for where it was linked previously


It was already linked within the last Waypoint article on Alec Holowka so maybe that’s why it’s not in this one?


Thank you; hadn’t seen that and I was too quick to jump the gun.
It was bugging me, so seeing it was linked is a relief

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Sorry for dredging this shit back up again but I saw this on twitter and damn. Some gross shit. D’Anstasio should be fucking ashamed of herself.



I’m so tired. So so tired.

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That’s putting it lightly for someone who clearly to anyone who read this took advantage of a sexual assault victim to drive clicks up on an article.

I’m not a lawyer and I’m not a journalist so anyone feel free to correct me but in what world does a legal department need all the details about your sexual assault in order to publish an article??? And then to come back and tell them that “journalist don’t go back and change language in articles after publication” as if they are taking some fucking high and mighty moral stand by not updating an article to remove the details that someone did not want posted about the worst moment in their life and contribute nothing of value to the reader is beyond unreal.

I guess we really are at the point where you need to treat journalists like cops and just record every time you interact with them to make sure they can be held accountable when they do you dirty.

My deepest sympathizes for Nathalie, I have no idea how anyone could even begin to recover from this emotionally.


Not that these situations are comparable in scope at all, but I’m reminded of the person who made I Get This Call Every Day. They spoke to a reporter, who figured out that they worked for Canada Revenue Agency, but never told them that they would reach out to Canada Revenue Agency for comment. That action directly led to them getting fired from their job.

Journalists can be hella irresponsible and it fucking sucks.