Games Like Stranger Things?


Hey, what up Waypointeers? One of my favourite tv shows for a long time is Stranger Things. I make no bones about how much I love the show. Now I am looking for a game that kind of hits on the same themes it does. Nostalgia, loss, growing pains, mysteries, creeps ect. I have played Oxenfree and enjoy it so we can strike that off the list. The two games that have caught my eye but haven’t played are Firewatch and Persona 5. ANybody know if they hit any of these themes?


Gone Home? Plays into a lot of '90s stuff, and tells a deeply personal story set in a creepy house.

(I have not seen Stranger Things. Just responding to your qualifiers.)


EarthBound would work, I think.


Would probably recommend Persona 4 over 5 for that kind of stuff, if you haven’t played it. It’s centered around a mystery and an investigation team of kids, and it does have (at least in my opinion) some creepy stuff here and there. Loss and growing pains are huge themes in the Persona series in general and they’re abundant among the adults and high-schoolers you link up with. Firewatch will probably give you a little bit of what you’re looking for, too.


If you want to venture out of video games, Tales from the Loop is a tabletop RPG that came out this year about teens/preteens in Sweden trying to navigate through a supernatural/sci-fi world. It specifically cites Stranger Things as inspiration, and has absolutely beautiful illustrations by Swedish landscape painter Simon Stålenhag.


Aaaaaa I was just gonna recommend this but I totally forgot the name!

I flipped through the rulebook at a local game shop because it looked interesting, and the setting and illustrations really intrigued me.


I have, in fact, played Gone Homes and I enjoyed it a lot. Also Life is Strange which I feel hits some of the same notes.


I actually just found out about this not long ago and watched Austin and Adam’s RollPlay stream of it. It looks super cool, it’s a shame I have never played an RPG like that before nor do I actually have anybody to play it with lol


Night in the Woods also concerns a group of young people dealing with a paranormal disturbance in their small town, and one of my favorite games I played this year. Funny, beautiful, and has a lot of heart. The games leans a lot more into examine the personal struggles of aimless youths trying to make something of themselves, and the supernatural stuff often takes a backseat to that.


Stories Untold?


Ok, you’ve sold me!


Hope you enjoy if/when you get around to playing it! It’s a solid 7 hours with a surprising amount of replay value, so it was well worth the $20 price of admission, at least for me.


This maybe isn’t exactly what you’re looking for, but last year there was a Ludum Dare entry called “The House Abandon” that was an 80’s-themed creepy text adventure. Earlier this year they made a four-part anthology based on The House Abandon called “Stories Untold”, which shamelessly uses the Stranger Things aesthetic. It’s still a very cool game that goes in some interesting directions.

(Also it was made in Glasgow)


Having read the blurb it seems this game hits super close to home. I hope it’s good.


Why stop there, go all the way back to persona 3. Even though that’s a bit more serious game than at least 4.


EDIT: I should read the OP before posting I suppose…

[Check out “Oxenfree” from earlier this year(?). It’s a point-and-click adventure game about high school kids throwing a party on an island (think coast of the Carolinas, not the Caribbean), and there’s an old military base and a bunch of super weird stuff happens. It’s got a great synth soundtrack as well.]

“Life is Strange” also scratches the same itch as “Stranger Things,” with the teen angst mixed with Lovecraft-y weird sci-fi.

Also, to go way back, and in a much more comic mode: the classic SCUMM joint “Day of the Tentacle!” Recently remastered and available on Steam, GoG, and I think iOS?


I thought about it, but from what I remember in Persona 3, the characters seem eerily cool with all the monsters and haunted things happening or don’t take much time to adjust, whereas 4 has more of that investigation team/spooky but not brutally scary feeling that I’d associate with Stranger Things.


The basic premise of 3 is that you’re joining a group of people who are already aware of and fighting the spooky stuff. It’s a unique premise that neither 4 or 5 have but yeah, it doesn’t really invoke much of ST though. They’re pretty different things.


You’re right and you don’t get the characters aren’t as friendly with each other as the latter games.


It’s not entirely similar, but Deadly Premonition hits a lot of the nostalgia and creepy notes that Stranger Things did.

It’s more “Twin Peaks: The Game” than Stranger Things, but it’s got those undertones of conspiracy and the supernatural and has amazing characters that I think Stranger Things thrived on.

Bit of warning, it’s really tough to play. The story and the characters are the high point, but gameplay can get really bland and just plain bad. If you play it, play on easy and go for the PC version.

I’d like to second Oxenfree. It’s very atmospheric and fun. It could have used a bit more characters, but it’s very focused and tells its story well.