Games That Deserve A New Installment

What do you think? Franchises that have been silent for a while, good ideas that didn’t get taken to a deserved conclusion, very personal favorites that no one talks about?

My absolute number one most needed continuation is JET SET RADIO. The games always needed to play better, but they have a visual style, quirky story and strong soundtrack that is still fresh. I’d be happy with a re-release of the second game on new platforms, though.

Honorable mention (and when I was younger I’d never have thought I’d one day have to beg for this) a new 2D Metroid.


Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles
Heck, I’d take a version of the original I could play without 4 gbas


Metroid and Paper Mario are the obvious ones, so instead I’ll say Sin&Punishment


ogre battle y’all. ogre battle


There was a boat combat game back on the original Xbox called Bloodwake. I don’t think I’ve ever played anything like it since, which is a shame - it was fun, it didn’t look too shabby, and 2017 me remembers the water physics being surprisingly good for back then, but that water might be a little rose-tinted.


Skies of Arcadia is some good ass jurp and I’d love another one.


Your last line got me. The original Xbox seems to really stand out as a place where some neat games never progressed from.

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I’m not sure if it DESERVES one, but since Valkyria Chronicles had its time and people enjoyed those games enough, I would LOVE to see an actual proper successor to Skies of Arcadia, maybe even borrowing from Valkyria’s play style, since typical, classic JRPG mechanics are a bit of a tougher sell in 2017, and that game maybe doesn’t hold up as well as one would hope.

edit: @WeedLordVegeta this popped up while i was still replying, ayyyyyyy


The first thing my mind jumped to when I heard the rumour about Gamecube for the Switch virtual console was Crystal Chronicles, that game was incredibly good imo.

The thing I desperately want but will almost certainly never get is a new Super Monkey Ball, or Kororinpa, or some other game where you roll a big ball around. It’s all I crave.

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I was seriously hoping that with the Wii U there would be a chance for some kind of new Crystal Chronicles game. I thought the one on the DS was alright but it just ain’t the same without carrying that chalice with your buds.

Also please, please pleaseplease please gimme a new Onimusha. Please.

Freedom Fighters is a great third person shooter and it deserves to have a sequel.

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Did you see the thing in HITMAN 2016?

I think I want a second season of The Wolf Among Us? I had very mixed feelings about it but I’m not gonna say no to more of an honestly beautiful game about a noir werewolf detective.

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Jet Set Radio bums me out because I think that Jet Set Radio Future fixed quite a bit of what was wrong with the OG, but when they remastered Jet Set, along with its shortcomings, people were given the idea that Jet Set is a lost cause. Jet Set Radio Future is still very good, y’all! :frowning:

This is pretty much an impossibility given the state of Kojima and Konami but: Zone of the Enders.

The first was flawed but The Second Runner was pretty perfect from Skies of Vascillia to the end.



RIP Mucky Foot

Three words: Command and Conquer

The World Ends With You is looooong overdue for a sequel, even though I’m probably no longer the right age to properly appreciate it.


I just want Metal Wolf Chaos in the style of Dark Souls. C’mon From Software you’re leaving so much money on the table.

Yeah I saw the reference but I really doubt they have plans to make another game at the moment. I sure do hope I am wrong though.

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