Games that "don't exist"

I vaguely remember playing the demo of Fracture, which was one of the last original games that LucasArts published


It was an incredibly generic third person shooter that didn’t really have anything going for it other than that you could destroy and create terrain. So basically a worse Red Faction.


So this is Balance, a game I played a LOT of when I was a kid and first got access to a computer:

It rules. Geniusly simple concept, incredible vibes, super clever and fun level design. Basically impossible to search for, no rerelease of any sort, I know nobody else who has ever played it.


If you have a Wii you should find a copy of Marble Saga: Kororinpa by Hudson Soft because that game is basically the sequel and it is really good. Let’s you even do the thing you would want in a motion control version of this by letting you flip the Wiimote really fast in order to try and fling the ball ahead in the track.


I watched a speed run for this after you mentioned flinging the marble and wow they are impressive.


This was a game based on the half life 1 engine. They really tried hard to copy the box art of half life.

Did someone say Dinosaurs?