Games That Just Didn't Keep You Hooked


Red Dead Redemption I played it for like 10ish hours and never found the fun. It’s another one of those GTA style games where you walk around and talk to people and drive vehicles (horses, in this case) and complete simple tasks for people, never employing any strategy or skill beyond the basics of moving and aiming in a 3D space. It’s reeaaalllly boring. I remember feeling some kind of fondness for the relationship with that one blonde lady, but it seemed like it was taking forever to develop into anything. And then I went out into the desert and talked to some crusty dude named Seth? I think I dropped the game soon after. I’m tempted to go back in preparation for the sequel but it might be better for me to admit that I don’t like these kinds of games and bypass the sequel altogether.


I adored the “monotony” that RDR afforded you, if you so chose to play that way. There was something really satisfying about jumping off the quests and setting up camp out in the wilderness. Or just deciding “hey I’m going to Mexico today to go hunt.”

There were some really interesting plays on traditional Western stories, if you’re into that sort of thing.


I am so, so relieved that I’m not the only one that Breath of The Wild just plain didn’t work for. I did one divine beast and decided it wasn’t for me.

I have never successfully made it more than a few hours into the Witcher 3, either


Hey, I finished and liked Pyre, but Transistor is still my favorite overall.


I finished Transistor, but after the ending of that game, you couldn’t fucking pay me to do a New Game+, and I will never touch it again. A lot of the story feels unfinished and rushed to me, not to mention the amount of queer characters who happen to be A. villains and B. dead by the end, which is really not what you want to do when the primary focus of your game is the tragic romance of a straight couple. It’s one of those games I literally cannot see myself going back to, in spite of loving Bastion and Pyre.

Great combat system though.

@Nerdsbeware If you don’t like the matches and you’re playing on PC, switching to a controller or into easy mode might help, but if it doesn’t then maybe it’s just not gonna click.


Wasn’t like, literally everyone dead in Transistor


I edited my post to better clarify what I meant by pointing that out.


You and I are definitely on the same page on both of these.


Some day I’ll get back to Bloodborne, which has some art that’s beautiful as heck and a tone to it that I adore, but boy did getting whupped by Father Gascoigne in about three seconds after reaching the midway point take the wind out of my sails.


I find it fascinating how many people are bringing up Dishonored, almost always with the feeling of “Yeah, it just… wasn’t for me.” It seems like there’s something just missing from that game for people. For the record, I did finish Dishonored and nearly completed a second play-through, but found, as others have said, it’s mechanical design a little overwhelming in scope of choice.

I also turned off objective markers and got really annoyed because I never got my equipment back in the final act so had to beat the game with none of my fun toys


This is 100% the reason I almost never finish any strategy/tactics games. XCOM, Mario & Rabbids, Invisible Inc., Steamworld Heist… all excellent games that I have a good time with while I’m playing, but feel very intimidating to jump into when I’m deciding what I want to play.


Sadly this happened to me with Ni No Kuni 2. I really wanted to love that game, but I ended up bouncing off around chapter 3 or 4. The combat wasn’t doing anything for me, and I didn’t really like the story in the gambling town, and I really hated the weird rts minigame they introduced. I kept trying to push myself to get to the point where the kingdom building is introduced, because that seems really interesting, but I couldn’t bring myself to slog through the rest of the game.


If it helps, you can restart the game if you’re about to lose (I think even as the other team is scoring their last goal) and redo the match. I had the same thing where even though the game tells you it’s ok to lose and the story will keep going, I just didn’t want to.


Yea, I was using a controller the whole time, it was just never fun to me.


that’s legit. The visual novel parts are pretty much the best part of that game. I was alright with the sportball, but I don’t really give a shit about sports games so they were just kind of A Thing That Was There.


I feel that, I don’t need all sunshine and rainbows but something a little more balanced.


I’ve got a massive spreadsheet of games that I’m trying to get through.

Basically any long-form RPG is tough for me to slog through, for some reason. Mass Effect 1-3 was fine, and I’ve finished Fallout 3, but the Dragon Age games, Fallout 4, Elder Scrolls, Assassin’s Creed, and similar have all stalled over the last decade for whatever reason.