Games That Show Your Equipment (Images/Videos)

In the the new Death Stranding trailer we see Sam carrying some boots.
Potentially showing off the equipment you as a player will carry.
What are some other games that show your equipment like this.
This can be carrying weapons in an interesting way, but im more focused on actual inventory (clothes, boots, rocks, tools etc.)
Posting pictures, clips or videos (yt videos that skip to a certain point) is highly encouraged.


Another game that does this really well is Astroneer, a game about space management and stuff??? I watched a few videos only, but all the elements and items you collect are stored on your backpack!!!


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This might be weird but, Metroid! The 2D Metroid games, specifically.

In Super Metroid for example: the original, Varia, and Gravity suit all look different.

Also, your arm cannon changes appearance when you switch to missiles!


Sorry. I just… i really like metroid ok… let me be…


Gears of War always had that sort of magnetized back on your armor so you could always see your main weapon and what grenade you had hanging off of your hip which I always thought was a nice touch.

PUBG also has your weapons strapped and obviously all of your clothes. The only thing that doesn’t appear on you is grenades I believe.


I waited until I got home to open this thread because…well I thought…uhm, ok.


The cutscenes in Halo games tend to do a good job of displaying what loadout you have at the time, including your secondary weapon on your back/hip unless it’s contextually inaccurate (i.e. 2 rocket launchers when you’re looking down a sniper scope). They use assets instead of a preloaded animation, and often take place in inaccessible spaces. But every once in a while, you can get some hi-larious cutscene modifications

Also Destiny (another Bungie game) uses the same system of utilizing assets so your loadout is present in cutscenes. Can also be seen by other players or in 3rd person modes (emotes, supers, swords, etc.)

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In XCOM 2 all your soldiers equipment is visible on them except for things like ammo mods.


The thing I really like about the top examples is that it’s the carrying of equipment. There are some fun subversions of the bag of holding (shoutout to Star Trek: Elite Force and the transporter suspension conceit) but generally we experience games that have completely removed the concept of carrying and turned it into something totally outside of the reality of the game. Even carrying weight constraints in RPGs seem like less than a model for reality (and your Resident Evil 4 case isn’t something you’re visibly carrying or would reasonably be able to carry based on the size of what is inside it).

I think there’s a pretty untapped well of creativity that can emerge from really poking at the idea of carrying things in games (especially as we see genres all cross-pollinating with various RPG elements) that needs more games like what Receiver does for the act of simulating a gun. I want something more than just being some aesthetic or customisation.


I’ve only played briefly myself and watched a playthrough on YouTube but I’m pretty sure the new God of War also shows Kratos and Atreus’s equipment including the mistletoe arrowhead in Atreus’s quiver strap, the Bifrost, blades of chaos, and, how can we forget, Mimir.

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I’m sure there’s mods and hardcore sims out there in the vein of what you’re talking about, but I’d definitely like to see that implemented more for sure. Unfortunately I’d fear those games appeal to a small group of people like us and most wouldn’t find it fun which is why we don’t see it, but damn would that be cool. As a marine kid, trying to see how much shit I can stuff in a confined space is a game in and of itself.

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I’d really like it if more games were a bit clever with how they present inventory space. I always thought a neat thing about The Witcher 1 is that there’s no way for Geralt to carry spare equipment. It must all be strapped to his body, which has slots for his regular and silver swords, a side arm (like a hatchet or torch), a dagger and an armour piece. He also has a satchel for carrying smaller stuff like drinks and food, and an alchemy sack for ingredients, which you can see on his body. It’s a bit of a shame that both of these sacks have pretty much unlimited space though, so you can carry around dozens of ales and loafs of bread without breaking a sweat. But removing you ability to loot enemy corpses and bring back two dozen swords to pawn in the closest town was good.

I’ve also been eyeing the TTRPG Torchbearer, which makes inventory an actual mechanic in the game. Backpacks or satchels need to be strapped to your body, taking slots from possible equipment. They only expand your carrying capacity by a handful of slots each, most of which will probably be filled with gear. You can get sacks for your loot, but they’ll take up space in your inventory when heading out, and must be carried in two hands if you fill them up (and of course, they also don’t give you a ton of space).

The game even points out that yeah, space is very limited. Because on top of your notable stuff, you’re implicitly carrying pots and pans, a blanket or sleeping bag, maybe a tent, and other essential gear that you just can’t go without on a trek. It’s all very good.

I think games can do a lot still to make inventory more interesting than tetris or a bag of holding. Not necessarily every game (like how the two-weapon carrying limit made so many last gen FPS’s a lot worse), but probably some.


One thing id like to see in future games is showing all of your equipment. Not just guns.
Its such a small thing but i love it so so much.

i guess i have to learn how to mod, and add these things in myself xd.

Metal Gear Solid Phantom Pain does show off your armor change and weapons and a new fancy arm, but im not sure about other things, i guess you can imagine he picks things up from one of his pockets

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