Games That You Had A Suprisingly Long Playsession With


I was recently thinking about how I rarely play games for more than 2 hours even in games that are built to have that “one more turn/game” feeling, but there are a few exceptions where I was so into a game that I played much longer in one session than I’m used to.

I have two games that come to mind: Harvester and Firewatch.

When I played Harvester, I hadn’t heard much about it outside of it being a game that reveled in violence. When I started, I was so shocked by what I was experiencing that I actually completed the game in one sitting. I even had to restart the combat sections multiple times since I didn’t manage my items correctly the first couple of times I tried. I had to see the ending, but I was mostly disappointed.

For Firewatch, I was having such a good time that I also couldn’t help but finish it in one sitting. I think it was probably better for me that way as it let me experience the narrative more cohesively as opposed to being stretched out over multiple play sessions. It also took a bit longer for me to finish as I spent a good amount of time exploring the environment, taking in all the details.

What games did you enjoy so much or were so interested in what was next that you found yourself playing much longer in one sitting than you expected?


Most of the time when I’ve had an absurd gaming session it hasn’t really been too surprising, but one that I wasn’t really expecting was probably Persona 3, once the standard gameplay loop started to kick in. I hadn’t seen something like that before so it ended up being a constant feeling of “just one more day” or “just one more floor.”


I played The Ringed City (2nd Dark Souls III DLC) for review, so I wanted to do it in one sitting. I thought it’d be about as long as Ashes of Ariandel, but I think I ended up spending like 13 hours on it. It was really fun, though. To this it’s my favorite part of any of the three Dark Souls games.

I can totally see that about Firewatch, by the way. What a great game.


Couple of fond memories: I was playing Mass Effect 2 one night, and was about to quit when the Collectors attack the Normandy - next thing I know it’s 4 AM and I’m charging through the endgame. I just couldn’t put it down at that point.

It does fall into “One More Turn-itis”, but XCOM 2: War of the Chosen got its hooks deep in me, there’d be times I’d play for an hour or two, put it down, try to do something else and just immediately boot the game back up.

I also have vague memories of playing Phantasmagoria (waaaaay younger than I should’ve been) and skipping school one day, just spent the whole morning on the first few chapters.


When I got my PS1 for Christmas in 1997, I got Final Fantasy 7 with it, but my Mom didn’t know you needed a memory card for some games. So, for the first two days or so, I just marathoned FF7, never turning the console off. I played it all day Christmas day and the next; I had an issue of Gamepro magazine that said disc 1 ended when you left Midgar, so I was determined to at least get that far.

I ended up leaving Midgar some 7-10 hours later and was shocked to find the game kept going. Gamepro was wrong about how long disc 1 was (by a significant amount, too)

Fortunately, by the 27th or so, we went to Best Buy and my Mom picked me up a Memory Card. I still have it, emblazoned with a Final Fantasy 7 memory card sticker from Playstation Magazine, so there’s never any doubt as to what it was meant for:


Same except with not getting a memory card for several weeks and constantly replaying the parts of the game up to leaving Midgar in the mean time


I think Stardew Valley was the last time I was up until past 3 in the morning multiple nights in a row due to a game. It hadn’t been out for very long so it hadn’t quite established that reputation.

Reigns is game that you can expect to play for 10 minutes while your coffee brews but you stop playing an hour or more later.

One day at work I had some time to kill so I started playing 80 Days. It’s a game that is designed to be completed in roughly 4 hours, which is also roughly how long my phone battery lasts. I played all the way through. I’d probably do that more often if it wasn’t for my need to have a working phone when I’m at work.


Phantasmagoria was another one I went through pretty quickly. The campy story kept me going. I guess I have an affinity for horror adventure games.


I had a similar experience, but with Final Fantasy 8. I played the opening hours of that game so many times. I never got a memory card or played the game later on, so I still haven’t seen past the first couple of hours.


Sid Meier’s Pirates!. This was 7 or 8 years ago. It was the first strategy-type game I played, and my first session (which convinced me I do, in fact, like strategy games), lasted almost 9 hours. I just casually checked the clock and it was…4AM


In 2011, sometime in late December, I was finally getting around to playing Bastion since I had some time off.

I finished that entire game in one sitting that must have been upwards of 12 hours.


On the subject of finishing entire games in a single sitting, I bought the SSX reboot on 360 and as I was starting the tutorial, a friend mentioned he’d like to watch me stream the game

I didn’t shut the stream off until 6 hours later, after the credits had rolled

That game’s alright. Though I admittedly haven’t touched it since that fateful day


By virtue of being a student I don’t really play games at all for most of the year, so when I do during breaks in the winter & summer there’s kind of like… a desperation to pack in as much play time as I reasonably can there? I 50 percent-ed Yakuza 0 over 2 weeks of winter break and that was a lot of looong like 5+ hour sessions.

That said, I loved that game a lot and probably would have played it for hours at a time anyways, regardless of my usual play habits.


I heard that Factorio was a time-sucking vampire of a game, so I purposefully said, “I’m just gonna play through these two first tutorial missions.” I expected them to take ten minutes each, tops.

Three hours later…


I played 16 hours and beat Brutal Legend in one sitting… It was a Sunday in the spring of 2010 and my roommate was out of town. I remember sitting down around 8 a.m. to play a little before lunch and instead played through the whole game and beat it around midnight.

I don’t regret it! It was a great day and the perfect way to experience that game.


Literally everytime I open up Stellaris


I’ve found I only play Stellaris and many other 4x/grand strategy games in huge, sprawling sessions and rarely ever go back to the same save next time. It makes the game’s almost feel like roguelikes!


It’s been quite a while since I had an unexpected binge with a game, but one real unusual one I’ll never forget was with Smash Court Tennis Pro Tournament 2 in college. I fired that up one night and just got completely sucked in. It had a very cool approach to its career mode where instead of playing out every match in full, you only played highlight moments with special objectives, like get an Ace in this game, or make a comeback from being down 40-0. It really helped keep it from feeling like the typical agonizingly slow and repetitive sports game grind. Suddenly it was 7 AM and I had to get across campus to my 8 AM class…

I’d love to see more sports games use that approach in their career modes. The story lines like Fight Night Champion and the newest Madden are cool and all, but this struck a nice balance between customization and keeping things fresh.


Once I spent half an hour playing HearthStone on my phone.

While sitting on the toilet

At work. :sweat:


I didn’t think of this at first, but I play mobile games almost every night while waiting for my son to fall asleep. Every once in a while I’ll be playing a game I find I really enjoy, then realize that my son’s been asleep for over an hour…

Puzzle Fighter did this to me many nights