Games that you want to see Remade/Remastered!

The ongoing discussion of the Shadow of the Colossus Remakester has me thinking about the games that are still only available in their past iterations!

There’s so many great games from all eras that, while wonderful, either aren’t as accessible anymore, need a spit-shine or need a lot of love to reach their potential. So what games would you like to see given the ReTreatment and why?

We’re due some sort of treatment for Dark Souls The First and Demon’s Souls I think. They’re both pretty janky to play these days compared to how incredible DS3 is to play. And Demon’s Souls I think needs a complete redesign, not because it’s bad, but because it was very experimental and not all of it’s experiments paid off, so a full remake could really bring out it’s potential. Dark Souls though, I basically just want it to be exactly the same but prettier and with DS3’s combat.


I want Skies of Arcadia Remastered (again, I guess).

I miss that game a lot and it hasn’t been able to escape the Gamecube void.

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No One Lives Forever 1 and 2.

I played and completed both those games in the past year and think they still hold up really well. With a coat of new paint they’d be real good.

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Cubivore: Survival of the Fittest - I dare you to come up with something better!

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  1. Sonic Adventures 2

  2. Toy Commander

  3. Tech Romancer

  4. Lord of the Rings: Battle For Middle Earth 2

  5. GTA Vice City

  6. Bully

  7. Need for Speed Hot Pursuit 2

  8. Star Wars Republic Commando

  9. F.E.A.R.

  10. Warcraft 3

You all know you want some ultra HD 4K Chao Garden/karate

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I think last time this question came up my answer was Sid Meier’s Pirates! but now Skull and Bones is looking to scratch a some of those itches in holiday 2018 so at least until that comes out and I play it and start to miss the treasure hunting or trading or whatever parts of Pirates! it misses I guess I need a new answer.
I’m going to say Sam and Max hit the road is due for the Double Fine treatment even if it’s not a Schafer joint. I’m going to insist on Purcell doing the hd art though. no substitutes.

Reboot Medievil those games mean so much to me

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I want a proper remaster of the original Valkyrie Profile with all of the original cutscenes and anime sequences restored and not that CG they used for the PSP version. (Also, a better localization, plz.)

More off the wall, I want a remake of Famicom Detective Club. It was never localized (being a Famicom Disk System game about Japanese high schoolers) but getting a version of that for modern hardware would be nice. They could even add ore cases while they’re at it. I think it’d also be cool if the game was purposefully kept in its '80s-era Japan setting.

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  • Crimson Skies (or just a new one)
  • TIE Fighter
  • Link’s Awakening (3DS yes please)
  • Jet Moto

God Hand Remake. It’s such a fun game with one of the most interesting fighting systems, but it’s horribly dated. If it got some love from today’s PlatinumGames it could be amazing and bring Gene into the limelight again.


I’d like to play both of those on PS4.

Yes to this, but also…

The Adventure of Link DX.

Think about it.

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Also Grandia. That game was trying to be a 3D world and didn’t quite have the power to put it off. It could be a really fun throwback romp with a total makeover (and the less said about the sequel the better).

I sense another Dreamcast fan!

Toy Commander was such a multiplayer blast that absolutely needs a modern update. I’ve played it splitscreen with friends several times in recent years and they all tend to take to it as the wild and silly coach-multi that it is. With some modern visuals (as it got a bit cramped and hard to read in SD), clearer mechanics and tightened game modes it would be an essential Switch game.

I’d love to go back to God Hand but full remaster to take out some of the problematic elements and replace them with something suited.

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I sorta want a reboot of the Mega Man Battle Network series.

To be honest, I sorta wanted it when the 3DS was the new thing since I think it’ll work well in a dual-screen format, I suppose that time has passed.

Mega Man Battle Network doesn’t have online play or any sort of internet connectivity. I think that can help it quite a bit.

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While we’re at it, how about a remake of Power Stone? It wouldn’t even need much updating, just implement some online multi-player… Mmm yes.

  • Okami. The PS2/Wii versions were beautiful. The PS3 remaster was even more beautiful. Assuming a linear progression, a new remaster would be most beautifulest.

  • Jade Empire. Literally the first thing that I thought when Xbox backwards compatibility was announced for XB1 was “I’m going to play Jade Empire again!” KotOR 1 & 2 would also be acceptable.

  • Viewtiful Joe. This one just popped into my head. I guess because of Okami? I don’t really need to know why it popped into my head, but now I’m not going to be able to get it out.

  • Demon’s Souls

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I know that the assumption in this hypothetical is that the remakes would be the best possible versions of the games, but I REALLY don’t trust From to remake Demon’s Souls properly. DS3 may be the best feeling game mechanically, but it is the worst design-wise, seeming to prioritize difficulty for its own sake over elegant design that rewards risks and exploration. And so I worry that they will remake Demon’s Souls with the “git gud” crowd in mind.

And honestly the only two things about Demon’s Souls that I would want tightened up are the tendency system and the removal of item burden. Everything else is ace IMO.