Games to check out on IOS


Hey Waypointers,

I picked myself up an Ipad Pro the other week (mostly for Procreate tbh) and having never owned an Iphone (or IOS device since an Ipod touch) I’m curious what I’ve missed out on. Are there any IOS gems that I should check out or definitely avoid?

So far Ive picked up Iron Marines and PUBG (along with Rough Animator which is awesome for anyone interested in frame by frame animation, and Procreate for drawing)


I’d recommend FRAMED, which is an interesting little puzzle game I just finished playing in which you manipulate comic books style panels to change the sequence and outcome of events, A Dark Room, which is part idle game, part resource management and part ascii rpg, and Alto’s Adventure, a beatiful and very relaxing endless runner(snowboarder).


Keep in mind I’ve only played these on Android or PC, but they have iOS versions:

Kathy Rain
One Epic Knight


I’m coming to this more from the phone side of things, but I’d recommend:

The Room series
Monument Valley series
80 Days

some (all?) of those are no doubt available on other platforms so you may have played them already

edit: also Sky Force Reloaded if you’re into bullet hell shmup type things. It’s free with ads, but buying the ad removal and the coin doubler comes to like 4 or 5 bucks and basically gives you a non f2p experience.

Mobile gaming, the best of the best

Because of the recent roguelike thread in this forum, i’ve been playing the iOS version of Pathos, which is quite good. Also, free (no ads, micro transactions)
There aren’t many of these you can’t find elsewhere, but here’s some i’d reccomend:
Steve Jackson’s Sorcery!
Ridiculous Fishing
Dungeon of the Endless
Card City Nights
Mini Metro
Neko Atsume

One piece of advice would be to wait for sales: iOS games are constantly getting annanounced price drops. Sites like this one are helpful.


These are both OLD Games but (with zero hyperbole at all)

DUET is my favorite arcadey twitch game, and one of my favorite games (and soundtracks!) ever
HOPLITE might actually be the best roguelike/turn based strategy game ever made
Edit: ALSO! Doug Dug. Just get Doug Dug as well. I’ve burned through intercontinental flights playing Doug Dug.


Device 6 is a really cool text heavy interactive fiction sort of thing that I enjoyed a lot. Alto’s Odyssey is what I’ve been playing a ton of recently, it’s a super relaxing and very pretty snowboarding/endless runner type that just never gets old for me.


Florence, Lara Croft GO and Really Bad Chess all get my vote.


There are quite a few console ports that are as good or better on iOS. Firaxis’s output, namely XCOM: Enemy Within and Civilization Revolution, are fantastic experiences to curl up with your iPad before bed. I haven’t played Civ 6 iOS yet, but I’ve heard that it is excellent as well. Also, Fortnite plays surprisingly well on my iPad Mini, although the Pro might be a little too big to hold as a “controller”.


in terms of like, mobile games/time wasters etc etc i love topsoil (matchy tile game) and twodots (a candy crush-style progressive level… thing, its good) and 10!10! (like tetris in all directions!)


People have already given my recommendations, but I’ll just shout out them away. Duet, 80 days, Sorcery, Mini Metro are all mega dope!

Also both versions of Reigns are good and cool.


Uh oh, I started putting my list together and all of my games are…really old? Nonetheless, these are the games that I play with some regularity and have never uninstalled:

  • Canbalt is widely recognized as the inspiration for the “endless runner” platform genre. It’s dead simple - just tap to jump as your character accelerates through a crumbling, monochromatic city. Once you’re used to the general feel & obstacles, the challenge arises out of balancing your speed between what’s needed to make certain jumps and what’s comfortable to play at. This is an excellent “I have 2 minutes to kill” game.
  • Super Hexagon is about as twitchy as mobile games get. If you like immersion by way of nonstop, split-second decisions, this is your game.
  • Groove Coaster 2 is the mobile version of a popular Japanese arcade game, and it works really well on a phone. The music is eclectic and lively, and the unique track visualizers are bursting with color. You tap, press, and wave your finger to the rhythm, and improvisation is rewarded through hidden bonus notes on off-beats. There’s a really smooth difficulty curve, too, and if you know anything about Japanese arcade games, you know that means the skill ceiling is impossibly high.
  • Terra Battle is a choice tactical board game RPG with a ton of free content and very little hassle. It’s made by Mistwalker, the studio led by Hironobu Sakaguchi, the father of Final Fantasy. It has the familiar pricing and gameplay structure of most gacha games, so if you liked Fire Emblem Heroes, this is sort of a more complex version of that. (Sidenote: There’s a Terra Battle 2 as well, although they made some huge changes that the community is generally not crazy about)


The Baldur’s Gate port is pretty good, although I would only suggest it to those who have played it before/are really into hardcore RPGs.

Crashlands is a sort of crafting, single-player action-adventure game. It’s really easy to pick up for a few minutes or sink a couple of hours into. The writing is light and upbeat, while the music is super good.


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What they said.


Most of my recommendations have been said, but I’ll give an “AGREED!” to:
-80 Days
-The Room and it’s sequels
-Device 6
-Monument Valley 1+2
-Alto’s Adventure and Alto’s Odyssey

Super Mario Run was a bit polarizing, but I really liked it. Little Inferno is a really neat iPad game.

And I can’t believe I get to be the one to suggest the best iOS game: Threes! If you only try one game, you should absolutely try Threes. It’s one of the most well designed games I’ve ever played.


If you have some friends with phones too, SpaceTeam is a really fun party game. Card Thief and Card Crawl are two fantastic plays on solitaire. One making it into like a dungeon crawler and the other making it into a procedural stealth game through a deck of cards.


Here are a bunch of games I’ve enjoyed that haven’t already been mentioned:
• Desert Golfing (amazing, nearly endless golf game)
• Hidden my game by mom (absurd escape room game)
• Prune (beautiful puzzle game)
• Knights of Pen and Paper (DnD stylized adventure game)
• Vainglory (mobile MOBA, better on iPad)
• Year Walk (haunting adventure game based on a Swedish tradition)
• Bounden (the most intimate experience you can have on an iPhone; a game about dance for two players that was choreographed by the Dutch National Ballet)
• Ridiculous Fishing (exactly as described)
• Superbrothers: Sword and Sorcery EP (great adventure game)
• Kim Kardashian: Hollywood (the best, worst free-to-play mobile game; it has all the free-to-play trappings; a guilty pleasure for sure)


I love Prune! Such a beautiful game. If you’re lookin for an iOS moba I’d recommend Arena Of Valor over vainglory. I personally had a lot more fun with its control system


Here are a few that haven’t been mentioned yet:

Dream Quest: I may have repeated this rec on a different thread, but this is a fantastic deck builder that you can play over and over. The art was drawn by the developer’s young daughters so…not good. But it’s a fantastic game with deep mechanics and many classes and cards to unlock.

Severed: A great swipe to attack/defend game similar to Infinity Blade. The art is distinctive and the music is haunting and atmospheric while still remaining engaging.

Cardinal Quest 2: A rogue-like dungeon crawler which is now free! 6 classes with branching skill trees and several different map/monster sets gives it long legs.

Grand Prix Story: Of the very large family of Kairosoft games, this is the one I still have on my phone. The core loop of win races, train drivers, research parts, build cars is really addictive. Honorable mention goes to Game Dev Story (of course).


If Shin Megami Tensei was still on the app store I’d be recommending that, although admittedly against my better judgement. King of Dragon Pass is a lot of fun and surprisingly good for killing like, a minute.

I don’t know if Marathon’s still on the app store, but imo it’s the underrated FPS of the Doom era and holds up weirdly okay on ipad (with some controls fiddling). It also has the Really Neat parts of Halo’s backstory (since it was Bungie’s first run at a space fps franchise)

Death Road to Canada (and really most things by Rocketcat) is a blast on ios and a really good timewaster, and when I don’t feel like playing Downwell I tend to go to that. DR2C is probably the last good zombie game imo