Games you completely forgot about and then just remembered


I just remembered Device 6. I completely forgot about that game and then I was looking for a mobile puzzle game and remembered something about a rose garden, missle codes, and bowler hats. “Bowler Hats” was the key to searching for the game. I switched to Android and Simogo only makes games for ios, so that’s probably part of why I forgot about that game. What a strange experience it was.
Now I’m kinda wondering if there is something like Sunless Sea on Android. I’ve already played 80 Days.

If you suddenly remember a game that existed and realize that it was paradoxically memorable, post about it here. Those moments are revealing.


This just happened to me with The Bureau: XCOM Declassified.


What would you say a memorable detail was? Do you think of a particular space, atmosphere, mechanical feel, character, poster on the wall?


On the way up to E3, I suddenly remembered Days Gone, the game with arguably the longest presence at Sony’s previous E3, the game no one was talking about wanting to see or liking.

I remembered Days Gone because no one else wanted to.

I realized we would see more Days Gone, a game that is just asking for bad headlines with a name like that, taking up precious time in the Sony press conference.

Someday, maybe I will be lucky enough to forget Days Gone again.


Thousand Arms. Just found my copy while moving. I guess I kept it thinking I was going to finish it someday. I always stopped at the mystery forest because it’s an awful puzzle. My only other memory of that game is dating girls to become a better blacksmith…


Gone Home in the sense of experiencing it myself. Got it on sale and I was kicking myself for not playing it sooner. Same thing with Stanley parable.


Without going too much into story stuff, the finale of that game is very interesting. Maybe not goos but interesting.


I feel like this happens to me on a yearly basis with MDK and Wild 9. No idea why it’s specifically those two.


I just started watching a playthrough of MDK because I had no idea what you were talking about and this is kinda blowing my mind a little bit.


MDK is like one of my favorite games EVER. It’s on GOG if you want to play it!


Haha, yeah MDK is really…unique. I really can’t account for why I keep forgetting its existence.


You reminded me that I own Brink. What a dumb game.

When I played bot matches on that game, it felt like there was bad latency. The online was next to dead when I got it not even a year later. The guns were always either horribly ineffective, or way too effective. The character designs were all a little silly as well. They could have been cool, there was a mild character creator (Anarchist punks vs utopia police was the general theme of the game? It was years ago and I obviously forgot about it), but it’s Bethesda published so the most outlandish it got was the ability to add pockmarks. I’m remembering it as pretty much cartoon fallout characters running around with masks on. Too top it all off I think it had to run in Vista compatibility mode on Windows 7.

At least I only paid something like $5 on steam for it. In retrospect it tried to do (and fell flat on its face) a lot of stuff that Call of Duty/Titanfall did a few years later, and even some of the things I see in Overwatch. I think that would be an interesting article, looking back on Brink. I’d want to read that article. I don’t want to ever play Brink again.

PS: I remember liking the trailer, but it ends so abruptly that the first time I saw it I thought the video player crashed.


I remember Brink ! It was one of the two games my friends peer pressured me into buying and let me tell you it was -again- a bad choice.

When I played it day one it would BSOD my computer and the character creation was not even relevant because it simply wasn’t showing to other people. The gunplay was weak and the parkour not exciting at all. A complete let-down.

The other game was APB: All Points Bulletin and this one you can be sure I will always remember because I paid full price a game that went under in less than 2 months without getting my money back.

Now I just don’t listen to my friends anymore. I should ask them the money back.


A couple of months ago I remembered about silencer, a 2d sidescrolling team based cyberpunk hacking game from 1998. That was a game I hadn’t thought about for a long time.


I somehow always forget then remember Ground Control, that RTS. Was a decent game.

Recently reminded myself of Monday Night Combat during a look back at my TF2 days.


I’ll never forget MNC largely because of how much time I spent playing Super Monday Night Combat, hundreds of hours.

@KestrelPi How many simultaneous players were there? The video I found makes it look like there are 40 bots playing.
Besides that and the interesting UI, it reminds me of Awesomenauts.


It’s been so long that I don’t remember much about how it plays except there was some sort of hacking into terminals and levelling up as a result involved. But I remember playing it with at least a few friends at once.

I remember enjoying it a lot but it being difficult to organise games because it was 1998


I was talking to a friend the other day who mentioned being excited for Pyre. Suddenly I remembered I’ve never finished Bastion and…I’m now working on doing just that.


Skies of Arcadia 2 was definitely a game I played (and mostly enjoyed except some of the boss fights and ship-to-ship combat was a fucking chore) but until just now I’d forgotten all about it.


Red Steel. Despite that game being wild in many ways. In its defense though, I forget most wii games existed.