Games You Loved But Stopped Playing Right at the End


Hey everyone, I was wondering what are some games you loved but stopped playing right at the end. For me this goes to Ocarina of Time, as I played countless hours of it on the Game Cube and the 3DS remaster but always stop at the Ganon fight. I find the fight super frustrating and put it down every time. I found my 3DS copy recently so I hope to get back to it but for now, it sits unfinished.


Oooof. I did this with Final Fantasy 4 and 6 as a kid when I had them for my Gameboy Advance. I didn’t revisit either of them until college.


Rogue Galaxy. I played a ton on PS2 back when it came out, never finished it, then bought it when it came to PS4 and got to the final fight and fuckin died on the last phase of it and was so angry that I vowed to never play it again. It was just a shitty one-shot death and I have to replay like an hour’s worth of game to probably get one-shot again. I love that game so much but holy hell it made me so mad.

God. I’m angry about it again.


Breath of the Wild. I can’t bring myself to end it… so I’ve just stopped playing it haha


I still haven’t finished Final Fantasy 7 to this day. I got all the way to the crater where you fight Sephiroth or whatever the end game was and was just like, “You know what? I think I’m good.”

Though to be fair, as much as I purport to love JRPGs, they are also the genre of game that I have the worst track record of actually finishing.


Alien Isolation. I loved it. It was the perfect Alien game, but after awhile I just couldn’t do it. There is a part where something happens… and it gets a bit more tense… At that point I just put the game down for a bit and played something else and I just never went back to it. I guess it was just a bit too nerve racking for me. I keep meaning to get back into it though.


I played the final boss of Mario and Luigi: Partners in Time exactly once and I could make myself try again after dying at a fight that takes over half an hour.


I played Dark Souls all the way to Gwyn and quit. I was starting grad school so I just uninstalled figuring I’d just go back to it one day. I eventually did beat it, so not sure that counts.


As JRPG trash, I have this down to an art form.

Here’s what happens every time:

  1. “Oh man, it’s the final boss! Time to do some sidequesting and get powered up!”
  2. Do a whole bunch of sidequests.
  3. Get burnt out on all the sidequests.
  4. Drop the game, and then never pick it up again because “I’m right at the final boss, that means I’d have to relearn how to play the game, eh it isn’t worth it.”

Affected games include Disgaea, Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII, Persona 3 Portable, Phantasy Star Portable, Dragon’s Dogma (kind of), Dark Souls, and the times when I replayed Final Fantasies V, X, and XII.

I also haven’t finished Cave Story yet, because I was not prepared for how difficult the true ending route is. I haven’t even gotten to Hell yet.


Same here on Final Fantasy VII. Got to the final boss and ended up getting curb-stomped. I didn’t feel like grinding and going for Knights of the Round, so I let it be.

Though to be fair, I was in the middle of my Freshman year of college and I played the PC port, which had controls so bad I consider it a victory in just making it to the final boss.


The first Stalker. I liked the relative simplicity of wandering the Zone and doing dirt, but the endgame got to be a slog.


Fun story: Three or four years ago, I was in one of those “I’m bored and want to play a game but nothing sounds good” moods and as I was scrolling through my game list on my 360, Fable 2 caught my eye. I hadn’t played it in like, over two years in itself, so I booted up the game just out of curiosity for where I left off and if I’d be able to pick it back up again.

Two quests and around 30 minutes later, I was watching the credits roll. I’d played the game pretty obsessively originally, but had apparently unwittingly stopped right before the end of the game, and it’d sat that way for years.

Having unexpectedly finished Fable 2, I instead loaded up Saints Row 2. SR2 was a game I’d been gradually chipping away at over a very extended period of time, doing as much of the side content as I could, getting all of the ability buffs (more health, more stamina, etc.). Load that game up, do a single mission, and again, around 20 minutes later, the credits on that are rolling, too. Just like Fable 2, I’d apparently stopped playing one mission before the end of the game and never even realized it, and it had been that way for a very, very long time.

And that’s how I beat Fable 2 and Saints Row 2 within an hour of each other.


I was really close to the end of Xenoblade Chronicles… and I just stopped.

I started during holidays, and didn’t quite finish it during them… so it was dropped once school started back up.


I did the same thing with Deus Ex Mankind Divided. I got sidetracked and put it down for a couple months, then when I came back to it I figured I had a couple more hours to go. Cut to me running around the corner, sniping the final boss in the head with a tranq gun, and the credits played. I was pretty surprised it was over, felt like there was much more happening in the story to end there.


Persona 4. The combat is not why I even liked the game, so I did not have time for the final secret secret boss with three transformation forms. I just watched the ending cutscene on YouTube.


I’m not positive I ever beat the boss of either original Zelda or Link to the Past. I know for a fact I got up to the boss but never beat Metroid or Wario Land 4


Shovel Knight. Despite having no nostalgia for old NES classics, I eventually really began to appreciate what the game did in terms of presenting a “classic” adventure platformer and ended up doing a lot of the side activities. I fell into the same trap mentioned a few times already of obsessing over side content and burning out right before the final level. I have the best armor and I’ve cleared the Hall of Champions, but I still haven’t started the final level(s) and finished the game.


Persona 4. I loved that game but one day I just stopped playing and never went back.


I played Okage: Shadow King right up until the final dungeon. I’m pretty sure I just got frustrated and took a break, figuring I’d come back and finish it in a day or two. Days turned into weeks, weeks into months, until now I can’t even remember what year I started playing it.

I really liked Okage, but more for the world building and art design than the main story. I guess maybe part of the reason I never finished it is I already got everything I needed from it.


Hoooooolllly shit. You just reminded me that Okage is a thing. Strike my last post from the record. Throw FFVII in the garbage or something.

I never finished Okage either, I think I got to a point in the story where I didn’t know what I was supposed to do and got bored and stopped playing because I was like 9. But that game is great. For anyone who doesn’t know, it’s got kind of an “Earthbound if it was a fantasy RPG” vibe. Very tongue-in-cheek. I think you may have just convinced me to convince myself to go play it and actually finish it this time.