Games you've bought multiple times

Sometimes you love a game so much you buy it on multiple different platforms.

Sometimes you love the original Ratchet and Clank so much that you buy five identical copies for the same platform just so that you have backups.

What games have you bought multiple times?

Resident Evil 4.
Let’s see, GameCube, ps2, wii, PS3 and pc.
I regret nothing


Fallout 3 and New Vegas out of love.

i’ve also bought Borderlands multiple times out of the hope i might like it, but i never got onto it as so many others did.


The first Kingdom Hearts. 4 times on PS2 and twice on PS3. Don’t think for a second that I won’t buy it on PS4.

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Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 3 is one of my favorite games, and somehow I always end up finding a cheap copy of it somewhere. I think I own it on every console I can own it for, primarily out of luck. It’s a good game.

When I was in high school, I kept buying up new copies of NCAA Football 06 because my XBOX either scratched them to death or that game just had a problem with temperamental discs on the XBOX. I don’t know if anyone else has had this problem, but I probably have purchased five copies of NCAA Football 06 for the XBOX in my lifetime. They’re never more than like four dollars anymore, so it isn’t a huge problem, but I can’t understand why these discs degrade or stop working so quickly.

Every Dragon Age and Mass Effect game excepting Andromeda- I picked them all up on console first, and then switched to PC when I built a newer PC that could run them better.
All the Dark Souls games, because the PC version always comes out later (and with Dark Souls III you could pick it up like a week or two early from the Xbox Japan store and I really wanted to play Dark Souls III). Technically I own four copies of Dark Souls II if you count Scholar of the First Sin as another version of Dark Souls II. I got it for cheap on PC because they had that upgrade pricing, and I got it on the Xbox One because… I have no idea why.


All GTA’s from San Andreas, having them on console and PC. Some reasons been playing online with friends on the Xbox versions and enjoying the story/100% on the other versions.

Bioshock, I played the original and never finished it. Sold it and re bought it a few years later. I only completed it the same year Infinite came out.

Must have Psychonauts 3 or 4 times now, same with Grim Fandango. A lot of those old Lucasarts/Post LucasArts games I ended up getting multiple times. Monkey Island I would have had on Amiga, then PC, then the CD edition, then the special editions, etc.

I’ve bought Dark Souls twice, along with Shovel Knight. I also have two copies of Wario Land 4, but that is more of a story about losing copies than loving it so much that I never wanted to let it go.

Probably Telltale’s The Walking Dead Season 1 is the one I purchased the most: iOS, PS3 digital, PS4 digital and PS4 boxed.

'cuz yes, I bought digitally some games but liked them so much I wanted a physical object 'cuz I’m a weirdo: Life Is Strange, Oxenfree, Firewatch, Wolf Among Us, …

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When Mass Effect 1 was first released, it only came with the local German dubbing. So I obviously had to import the game again from the UK to hear the original voices. After playing ME2 & ME3 on the Xbox 360, I bought the whole trilogy again when I got a PS3…and then again when I built my gaming PC…and that of course includes every single piece of DLC released.

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I probably have like 7 copies of Roller Coaster Tycoon sitting around if you include digital versions

RE4… a common one I feel, lol

I guess next one would be Bayonetta? Have that on 360, WiiU and I’m inevitably gonna get it on PC too.

When you’re a Nintendo fan this is a great game to play.

I’ve had Super Mario World on SNES twice - on its own and in the cart with All stars.
Then I got it on GBA.
Then I got it on Wii.
Then I got it on WiiU
Then I got it on 3DS.

I eagerly await the Switch VC


kingdom hearts 2 on ps2/3/4 bc i will never be free


i think i own like 4 copies of sonic adventure. i have it on pc twice


I own Final Fantasy Tactics on everything its been released on which includes two different mobile versions. Its a real problem. That’s ps1, iOS, android, iOS phone, psp physical, psp/PS3/vita digital of the ps1 game and maybe also digital for psp (war of the lions) also. I’m an idiot.
Also having a partner who plays games means a lot of big releases get picked up twice (just got Zelda on the switch after already having it on Wii U)

I have two copies of every Souls game. Usually a digital and physical copy of each (except for Dark Souls 2 which I have on disc for both PS3 and PS4). No regrets!

I’ll always buy and 100% a version of RE4 if I can. The only versions I haven’t are Wii and PC only because I didn’t own a wii and I don’t have a gaming pc. I know I’m adding to the problem, but whenever a new version comes out on a new system I own it’s been long enough since the last time for want to play it again.

It’s devious and it feels exploitative of fans of RE, but I still love that game and I’ll always replay it.

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Fallout New Vegas
Dark Souls 2
Mass Effect 2
Thief 3

Since my gf moved in with me last year we have three different copies​ of Resident Evil 5 between us.