Games you've bought multiple times


It’s better now than it ever has been. Great time to jump in and check it out!


I might just need to. As I work in a school I have some time on my hands soon.


ME1, since I bought it on a physical disc that after enough years, my computer could no longer read–so I bought it on Steam, and now my saves there won’t carry over to Origin, so…

Bastion, Oxenfree, Banner Saga, and Banner Saga 2–first on computer, then on iOS.

Heroes of Might & Magic 3, once on disc then again later in different versions with different expansions on Steam and GoG since it’s literally the only game I can get my 30 yr-old brother to play with me, taking turns at the computer.

We Know the Devil, on DateNighto then again on Steam in spite of knowing that a Steam code would be coming by email eventually–plus at least one gifted copy to friends.


i bought street fighter iv a total of 5 times across 3 consoles


I’ve owned four different versions (not counting roms on PC) of Super Metroid, Link to the Past, and Symphony of the Night, and will surely own more versions if they get released for the Switch or whatever.

All those versions of Super Metroid are especially annoying because I somehow lost my save with a run under an hour and I couldn’t even remember which version of the game I did it on.


There are a good number of games I have twice (I’m guessing most are PC ports of console games that I picked up on Steam sales a while after release) but very few at 3+.

The only two I can think of off the top of my head are Fez (360, Steam, PS4/PSV) and Chrono Trigger (PS1, DS, iOS).


I’m right there with you, pretty much every Kingdom Hearts game on any platform they’ve ever come out on.


We have the original version of Sleeping Dogs on Steam, the Steam version of Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition and the PS4 version of Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition


I have multiple copies of We Know The Devil cause I got it in datenighto, bought it on steam, bought it as a gift AND got the free steam key lol


I own like 5 copies of Sim City 2000 for no reason.

It’s not even my favourite Sim City.


Like many people in this thread I have purchased Shovel Knight, The Binding of Isaac, and Spelunky several times over.

Aside from wanting to support the awesome developers to just create more games, I find I buy them also for the fact that I know I can play them on every device I own and that it gives me a reason to jump into the game fresh every so often.


I’ve bought Kingdom Hearts 1 and 2 far too many times at this point, in various forms. I think I also have at least 4 versions of Final Fantasy IV.


I own three copies of Final Fantasy Tactics, I’ve bought Sengoku Basara 3 twice, I’ve owned like 6 copies of Tales of Destiny.


Too many haha. I have Half-Life 2 for xbox, 360, ps3, two physical PC copies, and on Steam. I have Metal Gear Solid V on PC and two PS4 copies, though I’m still working my way through MGS4. Gauntlet Dark Legacy I have for gamecube and PS2, which I got to replace the xbox copy I lost lol. I somehow ended up with Inside on every platform, and an extra steam key. I keep rebuying stuff that I have on other platforms when they come to xbox one back compat too.


We’re kindred spirits. We can sense our own.


I bought GTAV. PS3, PS4, PC. Every time it kept getting better :slight_smile:


Persona 4, Transistor, FFX & FFXII.

I’m eventually going to rebuy FFX again for PS4. I never finished by replay of it on PS3. I would rebuy Dragon Age Origins if there was a version for Mac. >;l


I’ve had to buy FFVII’s PC version multiple times 'cuz my jerkass dad broke Disc 2 once.

I’ve bought Persona 3 twice – FES edition the second time, of course.

I’m pretty sure I’m gonna have to get a Vita and P4 Golden…


Final Fantasy X: PS2, PS3, PC, and PS4.
Ocarina of Time: N64, Gamecube (Master Quest version with Wind Waker I think), and 3DS
Pokemon: Blue and FireRed; Gold, Silver and Crystal; Sapphire, Emerald and Alpha Sapphire
Kingdom Hearts series of games and HD re-releases on PS3.


Gone Home. I only played it once but it was so affecting that for a while I bought it anytime it was on sale and just gave the key away.