Gamescom 2019 Thread

Good little database on /r/games of what has been shown already:

They’re about to start opening night live:

Let’s all get some German video games!

That’s… That’s what this con is about, right?


I wonder if the focus on multiple Kerbals is implying multiplayer.

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Stadia is proving to be the worst thing it possibly could have been: boring.


I think their stream crashed, lol

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I’ve always enjoyed what I’ve played of the metal gear solid games, and am very intrigued by Death Stranding but every time Kojima opens his mouth I have the strong urge to yell at him to shut the fuck up.

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“There is still a great deal we don’t know about babies.”

I can’t wait for this fucking hot garbage.


Death stranding is looking like the hot trash vanity project we’ve all been secretly hoping for. It makes me even more excited personally.


Me when I have to rock the baby to sleep:







Couple of things. Stadia is an elaborate hoax I refuse to believe otherwise. Death Stranding is going to be the best kind of garbage lol.


What memo did I miss that suddenly turned Death Stranding into “garbage” and “trash”? It looks fun.

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The bad writing.

It does look fun! But it also looks bad.

My big question is if this screenshot means what I think it means:

Am I understanding right that they use braindead women to breed the babies?

lol you can piss nevermind so genius Kojima cannot fail only be failed etc.

Somewhere in the middle, I’m glad he was inspired by the Yakuza game’s baby shaking/etc. mechanics.

Kojima is, at all times, extremely smart, extremely stupid, extremely horny, and extremely into tokusatsu and 80s movies.

These things never come together well, and that remains one of the most entertaining things gaming has ever exposed me to. I still remember reading about the bad guys in MGS3 exploding when you beat them and I was like “as if” and then I played it years later and the bee man with the angry bees exploded.


I feel so conflicted about Death Stranding. On one hand I’m super excited about seeing what Kojima makes when there’s nobody to tell him no and I’m a sucker for his brand of storytelling and bizzaro philosophy.

On the other hand there are so many red flags about the way the game portrays women combined with Kojima’s history that I just don’t know if I can deal with it anymore. I was invested enough in the gameplay and story of Metal Gear to push past a lot of the gross and increasingly misogynistic parts of it, but I might not have the patience this time around. Just from the trailers today you’ve got a woman with a ghost baby attached by an invisible umbilical chord (Cool!), then she grabs her boobs for no reason (why!?). The capsule babies let you see ghosts and are somehow connected to their mother’s wombs (creepy in a good way!) but that connection is unstable because the women are brain dead “stillmothers” (creepy in a way I don’t trust Kojima to handle.)

I’m still cautiously optimistic because I do think Kojima does great work and this non-combat exploration focus has the potential to be something new and exciting. Still, I can’t help but feel myself shifting more from day one purchase to wait and see.


It’s definitely a $19.99 PSN sale kind of game to me for those reasons. Like I’ll fuckin’ love it in the end like I have most of the games he’s done but I’m not going to be anxious or expecting anything groundbreaking.

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Just from the trailers today you’ve got a woman with a ghost baby attached by an invisible umbilical chord (Cool!), then she grabs her boobs for no reason (why!?).

Not excusing it, but I think she stated she just breastfed the ghost baby. I dunno WHY she had to grab her boobs post breastfeeding, but I think she was explaining it to Reedus and Kojima thought that he needed to add some EXPRESSION to it I guess…

I wonder if that shit comes from Japanese Theater, like ALL overly physical a lot of Japanese action seems to be.

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I want to play the bad game: Death Stranding, by Kojima Productions.

I’m currently playing Shadow of the Tomb Raider and it’s fucking fascinating. These big misguided productions by major developers trying to Say Something are my favourite genre of trainwreck and I will pay Christmas sale price for all of them.


I get the Kojima appeal, but it’s not for me at all. I just want something. . . .good? That’s rude. But I think Kojima is so into Kojima that I personally feel he muddles some of his own points. And I’m kind of over him? Like, I think I said this at E3, but everytime I see a death stranding trailer I just think, “man, what if a black woman ever got this kind of leeway in gaming. What if more than one did? What if someone from a marginalized group got the full backing to do literally whatever the hell they wanted?” That’s the game I’d rather have than this. I just know there’s going to be some bad things in this and I’m not into norman reedus or mads mikkelsen. I’m just not. I had never even heard of norman reedus. I don’t care about people peeing. I’m terrified for how shittily written the black characters are going to be.
Now I am just sounding super negative while people are excited, and that sucks. I just wish I could be excited too.


That Kerbal 2 trailer was beautiful. Grand but goofy. Absolutely perfect.

On the flipside, I hear Geoff Keighley is in Death Stranding.

And so commences the infinite sigh.