GameStop Has No Idea What to Do About Coronavirus

In the wake of the ongoing spread of the novel coronavirus (or COVID-19), a number of retail stores have voluntarily shut down, in an attempt to protect their workers. GameStop is not one of those companies, and according to a series of memos reviewed by VICE Games, is struggling to adapt to supply shortages that have left a number of stores without adequate cleaning supplies without any signs the company intends to close in the immediate future.

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This might be the thing that kills GameStop. I don’t doubt that they are being truthful in that closing a store for health reasons means closing it permanently considering where their financials are currently. I feel bad for anyone currently employed at GameStop because it already seemed like a nightmare to work for I can’t imagine what it’s like during this time.

GameStop was already on it’s last leg I don’t see how they come out of this in any shape to really continue.


Psst. GameStop employees. Join the IWW. Do it.

Edit: It has been over a decade since I worked for GameStop so I don’t know what the internal structures of the stores are anymore or if they’ve changed at all, but if individual stores relationships with regional managers is the same, and if regional managers still operate in the interest of the people above them and are willing to fire the staff of entire stores I could see unionization as being incredibly difficult. You’d probably even have to get your region on board, not just one store. It would be worth it to build that network at the very least.

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Does gamestop know what to do about anything?

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Everytime I see an actual Gamestop, I have that same feeling I had when Blockbuster was still around even though everyone had started to use Netflix. “How is this still here?”

From what I’ve seen, the vast majority of employers have no idea what to do about coronavirus. My office has been mired in gridlock since the governor declared a state of emergency last week because there’s no point to us being open, but they also don’t want to pay us while they’re closed (which they’re contractually obligated to do). My partner is in a similar situation. This crisis has revealed that leadership at so many levels isn’t just fundamentally rotten, it’s also deeply stupid.

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Yeah it’s so messed up and news and instructions on how to manage this are changing daily. I hope something changes to throw Gamestop’s employees a bone here because it seems like a lose/lose situation all around by continuing to play with everyday society rules.

Here’s an idea: Gamestop go out of business.