GameStop Instructs Employees to Ignore Law Enforcement And Not Shut Down

GameStop has informed employees that if local authorities attempt to shut down their store in states with orders to close establishments deemed “non-essential,” they are to inform law enforcement that the company believes they should be “classified as essential retail and therefore is able to remain open during this time.” The instructions came with a flyer to hand over to law enforcement, and includes the phone number for GameStop’s corporate office.

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Videos games are, as they ever were, a mistake.


It’s really difficult to have a discussion around this sort of thing that doesn’t amount to an intense feeling of sympathetic nausea for anyone who is working retail during this pandemic. I feel so fucking bad for the folks being asked to participate in this corporate circus.


This company that’s been going down the tubes for years because they suck ass in every conceivable way is totally “essential retail.”

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I called the store where I reserved my ACNH and sadly you cannot cancel over the phone. So I’ll be going in tomorrow to cancel and get my deposit back.

Calling in, they did seem Very Aware of the situation and thanked me for caring, which fucking sucks.

I am someone who is considered “essential retail.” I am quite disgusted with Gamestop over this. I didn’t ask to be essential and these employees sure didn’t, and they should go home with pay. This is horrendous.


It’s only one irresponsible decision on a pile of dozens that led up to it, but in absolutely no world should you tell your poor employees to get into an argument with a fucking cop. Let alone with their only backup a letter they’ve printed out that is just Ron Swanson’s “not to worry, I have a permit” meme.


That update from them

we also offer a wide array of products and devices that are important to facilitate remote work, distance learning, and virtual connectivity.

Just fuck off already


Even if they were allowed to be open, how much foot traffic could they possibly be getting?

Can anyone shed light on why only the stores in California are being closed? Is the situation elsewhere not as bad or is there another (political?) reason?

California has a statewide shelter-in-place edict starting today. Gamestop shutting down in California is them complying.


I was running the GameStop in Bensonhurst when hurricane Sandy happened and we did like $40,000 in sales the day after and despite me opening the store like two hours late from people still coming out to get the Assassin’s Creed 3.

But now since it’s much more convenient to download the games when your city is being hit by a pandemic or a hurricane instead of going outside for that I would hope not much.

Is $40k a lot? I have no point of reference for this kind of thing.

That particular store would normally make that much in like a week so it was a huge amount of people relatively walking past fallen trees and overcoming the total lack of transit and car service at the time.