GameStop Will Require Customers to Wear Masks, But Workers Say They Can't Enforce It

As COVID-19 cases continue to rise in a variety of states, GameStop announced today that it was joining CVS, Target, and other major retailers in requiring customers to wear a face mask. The updated mask policy is scheduled to take effect on July 27, but according to an internal GameStop memo distributed to employees that VICE Games verified with three different workers, GameStop employees are not allowed to enforce the mask requirement.

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Didn’t a security guard literally get fucking murdered because they asked a customer to wear a mask? Seriously, what the ACTUAL FUCK is wrong with America’s hard right?


Yeah, I can’t actually blame Gamestop for the policy. It genuinely is unsafe for store employees to confront mask refusers, for multiple reasons.

What I can blame them for is opening stores under conditions where workers are being forced to interact with asshole customers who are deliberately contributing to the spread of a pandemic.