Gaming apps and online tools


Hi team, I’m curious about what apps and websites you use for gaming.

Is there a favourite website or app you use to keep track or you achievements or game library? Or is there an app you use to communicate with friends who are far away?

  • RSS reader for gaming websites I follow. But for everything, really.
  • for achievements and trophies from all platforms.
  • The Backloggery for… actually, I use it wrong: I mostly add games I finished already, not games I need to finish.
  • Most of my friends are still on Skype, so, Skype for communication.
  • I have ResophNotes (because it works with plain *.txt files) for taking notes in general, but notes can be about games, so that counts too.
  • I’m play mostly on Windows PC(s), so most of my games are on Steam. And I even add non-Steam games to it. It’s my launcher for everything game related. So having a bunch of categories in Steam client is a good way to organise games I have.

That’s for now. If I think of something else, I would post more.


Mostly just discord for chat(voice and text) for games, and I have a section of my bullet journal that I keep track of how long it takes me to complete games (I basically just list all of the games I have/want to play and flip to that page when I’m bored. It’s just a list with the title of the game and a box to the left that I either put how long it spent playing it or an X if it doesn’t really end but I can go back if I feel like it/I’ve finished it).

Other than that I is pinboard and instapaper to save things I want to read/reference later, inoreader as an rss reader (really don’t like it that much and would like to see what other people is for rss these days, as I’m kinda trying to get back into using it), and Twitter for general social media time killing.

Will edit this later with links… Am on my phone.


I’m a bullet journal user as well (:+1:), but clearly I’m not smart enough to have considered applying this to the list of games I want to play/finish (duh me :joy:)


Inoreader is my favorite, but there are alternatives. 3 or so years ago, I created spreadsheet with different RSS readers and features I wanted from them. A lot of stuff changed (spoiler: The Old Reader won back then), but I would recommend doing the same, because I don’t know what is good for you.

Just in case anyone curious about that spreadsheet

“W/Dn” = Web and Desktop versions; “N” = Notifications; “Sync”, “Folders” and “Search” are obvious, “Lst/Ful” = different view options; “” = ability to change status of an item from read to unread, and vice versa; “Save” = favorites or something similar; “URL” = ability to see URL of a feed (don’t remember why it was important, but it was). There are couple of notes, mostly that that feature is made possible with Chrome extension.

You add “1” if feature is good, “0” if not present, something in between if, well, something in between. Then add them all up and convert to percentages. Yes, I take my RSS very seriously :­)

Again, it is from 2014. Inoreader wasn’t even in that list. I don’t care that much about in-your-face notifications anymore, number on favicon is enough. Search is still very important and a rare option on free plans.


I use feedly for RSS. It was with no small amount of trepidation that I plunked down for a lifetime pro membership when they were first starting out, but in retrospect I consider it money well spent (especially considering they don’t offer the pay one time, lifetime membership anymore afaik). Search exists for paid users and sort of works, I guess, (though not well, I’d have to say) but what I really appreciate is that you can have lists of categorized favourites (saved items) which you can annotate. Not only that, you aren’t just restricted to items in your rss feeds, you can add in arbitrary urls just for bookmarking purposes.


For RSS, I use Inoreader. I use IFTTT to transfer all of my starred articles to Instapaper (where I prefer to read stuff, this requires a premium membership with Inoreader though).

I’ve actually been looking for a gaming-specific logging tool. Aside from the basics: the ability to collect all the games I own in one place and throw them into different lists, I don’t really know what I’m looking for. I guess I’m dreaming of a Letterboxd for games. I know of Backloggery and plan to try it sometime. I’m also keeping my eye on Glitchwave, which is a beta site by the folks that made Rate Your Music.

Currently, I’m trying out Librarything. Its intended use is to catalog books, but it also supports movies and music. I’ve manually added games there. Though I find it tedious to add new items, it’s helped me gain a better understanding of what I actually own and where I’m storing it.

And of course, Discord. My RP group left AIM for Discord and it’s been a sweet transition.


I’ve tried a handful of different sites for tracking game collections, and my #1 recommendation is: Just Make A Dang Spreadsheet. Entering a game is type-tab-type through each column, where sites like Backloggery have more complex forms to fit your data into their rigid structure. Speaking of which, with a spreadsheet you can pick whatever fields you want instead of following the collection model of the site you’re using. And it only takes a little formula magic to get whatever queries or pretty graphs you like.