Gaming comfort with a side of fries - McDonald's Gaming Chair

Gaming and food, is there a more iconic pair? In past years, we’ve seen game companies and food companies venturing into each other’s spaces, leaving us with truly blessed products like gaming energy drinks, Xbox mini fridges, and KFConsoles. Today McDonald’s joins the fray, asking as we get our latest Victory Royale, “Would you like fries with that?”


crsipy gaming

PCGamer has the details but apparently, this bad boy comes with among other amenities, stain-proof leather, places to hold your fries and sauces, and a heating array to keep your sandwich warm.

So today I ask you, Waypoint friends, are you biting? If not, what would you like out of a food-themed gaming seat?


Look, I bought the pro gaming shorts: I’m in no place to cast stones lol.


Sorry, I’d only rep a Taco Bell chair. Live mas or don’t live at all.


I’d want it to make as little sense as possible so give me a Jack in the Box-themed Herman Miller office chair.

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NGL, I think I’m actually down with the idea of a sandwich warmer accessory for a gaming chair.

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This is at least a somewhat more logical branding than the Shell Oil electric scooter: I Tried an E-Scooter Sold by Shell Oil


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