Gaming plus drink


So last night my wife was away and I had a bottle of wine and watched “Kingsman” which I enjoyed.

I also played hotline Miami which I suspect may be the best wine game ever.
Anyone else have some wine games ,?


I think a bottle of wine pairs well with the Jackbox Party Pack games, especially Fibbage.

Not a wine game, but I can say first hand that Southern Comfort and Saints Row The Third are a fun combination.


A nice mead pairs great with scaling goreclopses in Dragon’s Dogma.


Uncharted 4 was a great wine game.

It’s the only game my partner has sat down and watched me play start to finish and we always played it with wine during the cutscenes.

10/10 would drink wine with Nathan Drake again.


I don’t drink much wine, but I have enjoyed some mead while raiding in WoW in the past. I also like a nice beer along side a dungeon or some PvP.

Also mead while exploring in Skyrim is a good time!