Gardening: how I learned to stop worrying and love the bees

Figured some of y’all have some green thumbs. Maybe this could be a spot to share gardening tips and tricks that we’ve picked up over the years. Or maybe just a place for us to brag about our pretty flowers and plump tomatoes. I’ve always found that gardening helps me to relax and clear my mind after a long day.

Annnnyhow: I just put in my vegetables for the year. Two cherry tomatoes, a better boy, one roma tomato, some bell peps, a jalapeno, cucumber, and zucchini. Should start producing sometime in early July.

What about y’all?


Your garden sounds wonderful! Our herbs are already going strong, so we have lots of parsley, thyme and chives. Our growing season tends to be a little too short for tomatoes to really come in, but we keep trying, and we have lots of arugula and some kale, too.

We have some window pots of basil, too! They’re tiny little shoots right now, but we’ll have fresh basil in positively everything in a few more weeks.


Yes! Gardens.

We have a little container garden on our balcony. We put in some tomatoes and peas and marigolds, mini eggplants, mizuna and some mixed herbs. There’s we’re trying a few squashes again, but those haven’t worked out for us in containers before, but that’s no reason not to keep trying :).

So far, looking good. The tomatoes were the champs last year, and they seem to be on track to produce again this year.

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I forgot to mention herbs! I have some basil growing as well some oregano. Nothing like having fresh basil for whenever I am making a sauce. So, so easy to grow!

Arugula sounds nice. Looks like I’m heading back to the garden shop this weekend.

I’m doing container veggies as well since my landlord nixed my idea to create a garden in my backyard (for reasons beyond my comprehension). Anywho, I got some raised bed soil for the pots because I was afraid garden soil may be too thick for it to drain properly. Fingers crossed that it all works out (and that you get some squash in this year)!

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