Gateway Anime Series for a 7 year old Avatar:TLA Fanatic


Gonna go ahead and add another “No” to My Hero Academia. The violence in that show is a step or two worse than Avatar. I’d probably wait until age 10-12.

Little Witch Academia and Digimon are great recommendations.

Along similar lines definitely check out Summer Wars and Dennou Coil. Summer Wars is a great film for anyone who likes Ghibli stuff. Dennou Coil is a cute, beautiful, funny, and melancholy series about middle school hacker detective kids with AR glasses.

Maybe Last Exile, too. It’s basically Steampunk Anime Star Wars. But the pacing might be a bit slow for a kid.

Avatar is also inspired by lots of classic shonen anime, which might be worth checking out. Dragon Ball, Pokemon, Yugioh, etc. Where to start in each of those series could be an entire separate thread…


Precure has been mentioned, and rather than subs the Glitter Force dub of some of it is available on Netflix. It’s an old school dub with all names changed to Western ones but honestly that’s the kind of anime I watched when I was 7, and Precure has better fights than Sailor Moon ever did.

There’s a dub of the first series somewhere but I’m not sure how easy it is to find nowadays.


Absolutely! I remember being surprised by how good that show was.


Are you looking primarily for dubbed shows?


Wow, folks, thanks for all of the suggestions. Rather than reply to individual responses, I’m just gonna respond here.

  • Little Witch Academia looks great! Added that one to my Netflix list.

  • For the moment, I have a slight preference for dubs. Her reading is pretty strong for a second grader but sometimes she has trouble keeping up with subtitles.

  • You reminded me of some things that she actually has watched. She enjoyed the original Pokemon series and Pokemon XY even more. She devoured all of the PreCure/Glitter Force on Netflix over a couple of sick days home from school.

  • She has enjoyed the Steven Universe she’s seen (about the first half of season 1) but she hasn’t been clamoring for more. I have a feeling that it will be more compelling when she’s just a little bit older and can appreciate the subtext a little more.

  • A friend turned me on to Dennou Coil a while back. The subs might be a bit difficult right now but the AR dog looks a lot like our pup so that’s pretty compelling.

  • I discovered Dragon Ball Z a little bit too late to ever really get into it (late 20’s) but it might be right up her alley.

Thanks again!


Heads up, watch Dragonball Z Kai because the original run is a pacing disaster. Then you can go right into Super faster, which is great because it’s a ton of fun.


Worth noting, if you haven’t seen already (it was weirdly buried and hard to search for), the first 43 episodes of Pokemon Sun and Moon recently got added to Netflix.

I’d also second Netflix’s Voltron – I believe it was made by a lot of the same people as Avatar.


I agree in general, but I do think there are layers of abstraction at work. MHA typically has violence that is almost comical in its execution when it comes to Midoriya. His broken limbs flailing around like wet paper is so far removed from actual violence that it almost falls into Looney Tunes territory. There’s way more realistic violence in there, and that’s troublesome, but early Midoriya fights aren’t that bad.

The sex stuff is presented in a childish way, but it’s not childish stuff. Mineta groping classmates, trying to peep on them, or going on about how he just really wants to touch boobs is not abstracted at all. Stuff like Mt. Lady or Ms. Midnight might go over a seven year old’s head, but the other stuff is far more direct and spelled out.

I think the violence and creepy sex stuff are enough to not recommend the show to a seven year old, but I can at least understand an argument that the violence stuff is less troubling in some capacity.


Looks like Dennou Coil recently got an English dubbed Blu-ray release (renamed as “Den-Noh Coil”). Haven’t seen it, but the dubbing cast looks pretty solid.


Are you open to other western shows? As has been mentioned by others in this thread the new Voltron series is made by most of the same people who made Avatar and is at about the same level of accessibility.

I’ve also heard good things about the new Ducktales series as well.

The original Adventures of Tin Tin series is pretty timeless and has a great sense of mystery and adventure for children around her age. I’m not sure where you live but it is on Netflix here.

Another option might be sports shows.

Haikyuu! Baby Steps and Cross Game are all good, light hearted series about volleyball, Tennis and Baseball respectively.

Sadly of the three I believe only Haikyuu has been English dubbed, the other two are subtitled. It is a sports series though,so if you think her reading is good the language is pretty basic. They all explain the rules and how the game is played.