'Gears 5' Is Playing Catch-Up With Ideas That Are Already Outdated

Gears 5, the sixth game in the Gears of War franchise, is full of familiarity. It's roughly the same as 2007’s original Gears of War: you hide behind cover, you shoot things from behind that cover, and you respond to the world in front of you with the maximum number of explosions and violence that you can. Following on from the plot of Gears of War 4, this game’s protagonists JD Fenix and Kait are both part of the “new generation” of soldiers in the eternal war of all against all. They do the same thing that we did back in 2007, and likewise their enemy the Swarm does all of the things that the Locust did way back then. This, I think, is all done admirably. The things feel like they’re supposed to feel, and each little interaction provides the right amount of oomph to keep me engaged through a firefight. It’s where Gears 5 tries to change things up that it stumbles.

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On the other hand, I’ve just seen Batista confirm himself as a playable character.


That probably won’t be the thing that finally gets me to tolerate Gears mp, but it gets me pretty damn close

I don’t know that Gears of War really needs to mess with the formula all that much. I feel like every three years or so I think “I really want to play one of those” and The Coalition cranks out One Of Those, scratching that exact itch.

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Once again, great writeup from Waypoint here. I don’t know why, but I’m always secretly hoping that the big games, like Halo and Gears change things up with each iteration, but it never really happens. Thing is, I don’t honestly know what you could do with the series, the core combat loop is great and for the most part this is all I need from Gears - blood and meat. I want giblets flying, I want to hear that sound of a watermelon exploding whenever you make a headshot. I’m invested in it all totally at that level. At that level, I’m genuinely a fan of big grumpy Marcus, cursing when he’s fumbling an active reload, or shouting nice when he’s chainsawwed someone in half.

The overarching story of Gears was never really something I ever latched on to however. It felt like an earnest attempt to add emotional weight to a story about hefty space marines on a planet where everyone and everything is born hench.


Angry dad and house proud Marcus definitely a highlight of Gears 4.
“Ah, shit. Not my fucking tomatoes!”

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But this is cool as shit tho

ColeTrain is agender now, I have decided this is so


The tomatoes (or the loss of tomatoes) were legitimately the best thing about Gears 4.

100% more affecting than finding Dom’s wife in Gears 2.