GeForce Now, the Streaming Service People Wanted from Google, Launches Today

As someone who is constantly in different parts of the house with a busy child, the notion of being able to pull out my phone or laptop and start playing a game I’d normally experience on my big TV is incredibly appealing. Google’s Stadia service has so far been a bust, despite some impressive technology. But last week, I started toying around with Nvidia’s under-the-radar GeForce Now service, and came away really impressed because the tech also works well, and it lets you stream games (and cloud saves) you already have.

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Honestly I’m on board. I live in a country where the majority of wi-fi has no cap (Norway), and I’ve wanted ways to stream the games I own for some time without keeping my pc running at home.

Sadly monster hunter world, my ongoing game of the moment is not available, but much of my library is; and that’s a massive part of what Stadia bungled and continues to bungle.

Edit: have a shield k1 tablet I got years ago and just played some dark souls remastered and Doom’16 on it; it was on a decent home internet but they were both looking and running smoothly. Screen size was iffy but that’s always gonna be the case when games not designed for mobile are suddenly playable there.

I just played Witcher 3 on my work PC, for scientific purposes obviously.


I had a quick shot just to see how it goes. On my relatively budget, UK internet it ran with minor hiccups at 1080p30. For only £60pa this just makes a ton of sense as a way to pay newer games, bearing in mind that I’m not hugely into many fast paced games. (That being said, Dead Cells was fine!)