Generally quiet audio?

Maybe it’s my ears or the way my setup typically is, but I feel like Waypoint stuff is lower in volume than most other internet things. Both the podcast and streams usually require me to put my volume up a couple notches higher. Is this just me? I’m experiencing this across two different computers with two different headphones.

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I’ll concur with this somewhat - it’s fine, I can usually hear it no problems, but I often watch videos on my phone whilst cooking or washing up and even at max volume Waypoint stuff can get a little drowned out by stuff such as running the tap or boiling water.

It’s usually just loud enough for me to make it out over that stuff, but if the levels were brought up slightly I’d love it. Ultimately I understand it’s a tough balancing act - sometimes I watch stuff in bed and even at minimal volume I find other (non-Waypoint) videos to be a little too loud for that. Maybe phones should just deal in greater ranges, I guess?

I find their youtube videos exceptionally quiet, although I enabled “loudness equalization” and that helped a ton.