'Genesis Noir' Brings a Jazzy, Silver-Screen Vibe to the Story of Creation

There’s a musical sequence in Genesis Noir which rivals the best in recent video game memory. The game’s protagonist, referred to enigmatically as No Man, meets a busking double bassist. The pair lock eyes and start to jam; call and response at first—he tells me what to play and I mirror it on the saxophone. But then, with the groove established, the performance erupts into spectacular improvisation. No Man fades from the picture and instead, the entire screen becomes a musical instrument. I slide and scrawl the cursor across it and cascading, jazz-inflected notes appear. Better yet, the notes I hit assume a visual form, transformed into the apartment blocks and skyscrapers of the game’s illustrated riff on New York. It feels like I’m harmonizing with the computer, playing an entire musical city into existence.

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