Genres You Were Surprised To Find You Liked?


So, I wanted to make a post about discovering a love for dungeon crawlers in the “what’s your favourite genre” thread. But if I’m honest with myself it’s really not my FAVOURITE genre. It’s a genre I enjoy now, but there are still thing I like more.

So this is a thread for that experience. What’s a genre you knew existed, but didn’t think you would like until you found The One Game that made you see the appeal? Or even maybe genres you DIDNT know existed

For me and Dungeon Crawlers, I had played a lot of older school games. Your Eye of the Beholders your Legend of Grimrocks and just didn’t really get it. but then I tried Etrian Oddyssey IV and found myself enjoying the way that game is structured. And especially enjoying the whole map-making aspect. I then went back and played more older school dungeon crawler and really enjoyed them with this new context.


Oh man, I recently had that experience with voice chat in multiplayer, which I realize is not a genre, but is certainly an important facet of contemporary video games. I wrote this piece about my experience with PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. I’m 28 and never thought I’d have another “formative moment” but I did.


Picked up Universe at War: Earth Assault when I was a kid thinking it would be literally anything other than an RTS, probably because I’d never encountered one before and had no idea what the fuck it was. I was shit at it, and having recently checked I can confirm that I am in fact still shit at it, but the main bad guy alien faction was one of the most awesome things ever. Basically they had one static base and all their other buildings were huge ass tripods with hardpoints you could build factories and weapons on. Proper War of the Worlds type shit. My time playing it stuck with me enough that I kept trying different RTS’s looking for one I could actually get along with and enjoy properly.

Turns out that game was Planetary Annihilation, a game where you can strap rockets to planets and launch them at other planets, among other similarly amazing things. It had one of my favourite moment of realisation about a game’s mechanics, after a good few games of doing one ridiculous megaplan as quickly as possible and not bothering with much else, I realised: “what if I just do all of these plans at the same time”. This turns out to be way more baller, especially when up against 5 different armies in a 6 planet solar system.


I’ve been blown away by how good the platform genre has been lately. I’m mainly an RPG guy, but Super Meat Boy pulled me in and I’ve been playing ton’s of Indie platformers. Besides your standard Mario fare I had pretty much abandoned them, but now I’m playing through Shovel Knight for the third time.


Match 3 puzzle games.

I downloaded Puzzle and Dragon on a whim and was not expecting to still be playing it a year later. I don’t really play any other match 3 games, but it has made me more aware of the genre( and mobile games in general).


Minecraft, for sure. I spent a LOT of time thinking I had that thing pegged, knew it wasn’t for me, couldn’t imagine losing hours to it. I was working a job at a comic & games shop in Jersey and would just see kids play on our rental PCs for like… 10 straight hours. And like cool, yeah, okay. Whatever.

A year later, I was in grad school, and there was nothing as relaxing as disappearing into a server with a friend for hours after class and homework. I started as someone who only really explored and gathered materials for my friend to use in constructing cool things, but bit by bit I let my creative nature show. Had an incredible time.

Never be afraid to admit you were wrong.


Grand strategy. It’s poorly named, but it turns out that if you play these games a certain way you can forego the strategising (as long as you don’t care about losing).


I could never get into MMO for more than 2 weeks but FF14 was the exception. Since I mainly play solo, I surprised myself to be willing to team up for some high level content. Since then I think the genre clicked with me.


Oh yeah this is definitely me too. I initially balked at ever playing Crusader Kings 2 but as soon as I realized losing was MORE interesting than winning and it was basically an amazing story generator I got super into it.


Grand Strategy. I always thought it looked boring.

Now I’ll fuck up some Crusader Kings 2 or Stellaris.


I used to think I would hate puzzle games because I would play adventure games constantly and always get annoyed or bored in puzzle portions. I remember thinking “why in the hell would anyone want to play just this this sucks.” But when I got a 3ds I got a professor Layton game and quickly realised that actually puzzle games are not collections of shitty action game puzzles but are actually their own cool things. Like I can honestly say I probably play more puzzle games than anything else nowadays.


I never thought rhythm games were really my thing, but after playing through P4: DAN and Thumper I’ve found myself just itching to play something music based like those, so recently I bought the new remaster or whatever for parappa the rapper as well as rhythm heaven and elite beat agents and this shit is my JAM


I always assumed I’d hate MOBAS/ARTS/whatever you wanna call them until I watched TI4 and fell in love with DOTA. I love how mechanically dense it is, every game feels like a fresh experience.


Mobas, and Dota 2 specifically. I don’t really think of myself as much of a competitive gamer, and the thought of working together with a bunch of strangers for an hour still sounds like a very bad idea. Dota just has so much going on that makes it all worthwhile, and the community at low levels is surprisingly chill. It’s not a game I’ve sunk my life into, and it sort of baffles me that people devote so much time to it, but it’s fantastic.


Dating Simulation games are something that I was really surprised that I liked. Think the relationship aspects in Bioware and the Persona games finally got to me one day :stuck_out_tongue: Hard to justify “full retail” purchase of these games since they are usually just visual novels with rarely any other gameplay. Some might say that is the case with Telltale games too (minus the QTE/investigation parts) though.


Wow, this is a super interesting way to look at CK2. I have it, it’s installed, but it’s so intimidating to start… but really, losing would give you just as good stories as winning in some situations.

I think you two just bumped this up higher on the pile for me haha.


It took me a long while to come to the conclusion that I like single player story focused games. Then 2015 came along and I dipped into Rocket League. I always came away from (online, at least) multiplayer games feeling crappy, because shooter players always destroyed me and MMO players always had better gear/ping and more experience/time to put into these things. Would never touch a COD thanks to that. Rocket League showed me that multiplayer can be fun even if you’re not brilliant at it.

Sticking to single player stories, Rogue-likes were a big no no. I’m playing these games to have it give me an experience, I don’t want to have to replay the same shit over and over again - especially if it was randomly generating new #content. Then when I upgraded my old iPad 2 to the new at the time iPad Pro, I was looking for a game that would put to use that big, beautiful screen. I kept reading about this game “FTL”, and how it was best played on touch screens. For the next few weeks, I didn’t go to bed before midnight.

Turns out, branching out into new things when you get a little too comfortable is such a great idea.


Fighting Games. My brothers played a decent amount of Tekken and Street Fighter growing up and always whooped my ass whenever I’d play them. It made me really sour towards the genre, since I felt like I missed the opportunity. There was something about the styles of these games I always loved though and found alluring.

I was compiling some SNES roms and saw Super Street Fighter II and offhandedly decided to give it a shot. I quickly realized it is one of the best games of all time. The speed of SF II allows for this deliberate gameplay that really lets the player choose their move carefully. I spent like three hours just working my way through the arcade mode with Ryu, and it finally clicked with me. Street Fighter is literally just Rock, Paper, Scissors at 60 Frames per Second.

I just bought a fightstick and am sinking more and more time into SF V. I think I’m a fan now.


I was surprised to like games like Destiny and the Division. Especially because I hated Destiny when it came out. After going back and playing though, I love that game. Division doesn’t have quite the same hook as Destiny to me.
I also started playing Heros of the Storm for the Genji skin (of course I did), but ended up sticking around for quite a while, and enjoying it quite a bit.


Stardew Valley for me. Put 80 hours into that thing without having touched anything even vaguely connected to that genre before. I want that but portable (and preferably co-op).

My wife’s instant attachment to Euro Truck Simulator 2 was an odd one too.