‘Genshin Impact’ Fans Revolt at Elon Musk Simping

Sometimes there’s a disconnect between game developers and their fans and developers often push things on the community that it doesn’t want. Things like, say, an Elon Musk-themed event for the Breath of the Wild-style Gacha game Genshin Impact. On Wednesday, Genshin Impact developer MiHoYo tweeted out that it would try to collaborate with Musk if enough people followed it. The negative reaction from the community was so swift and overwhelming that MiHoYo deleted the tweet soon after.

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I want the recording of the video conference where they decided a milestone should be “our twitter account will follow Elon Musk, our fans will think that’s real cool”.

Are there really people out here going "I sure wish my favorite corporate brand would follow my other favorite corporate brand on Twitter :frowning: "???


Sadly, I think the answer is “yes”. :frowning: But fortunately, it seems like more folks are on the “silence, brand” side of things.


When brands private alt accounts follow each other, that’s the Illuminati.


I know Elon Musk has a ‘fandom’ for some reason, but probably would have been better to try for an Arc System crossover.

Does Genshin Impact still need to be introduced as a BOTW-clone this far into its run?


With the cost of living nowadays, I’m sure that it’s probably cheaper to get plumbing installed under a rock than it is to rent an apartment.

Tech otaku save the world is clearly a threat