Get a First Listen to 'Bird World,' the Upcoming Album by Weird Twitter's Own Leyawn

From cute bubbly island tunes to forest lullabies, set out on an adventure with a soundtrack to a video game you can only dream of existing.

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Let’s see what unicode this forum uses to show how :fire::fire::fire: this album is

EDIT: Dank

As far as Nintendo birds go, though, one of the very best


Hey wow, what a good sounding bird.

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hmm… yes… i agree

Wow, beautifully evocative of a certain kind of video game world that seems so pleasant to live in. Hazelnut Harbor sounds like I would want to spend a lot of time there, strolling over the promenade, watching the, err, … I guess … hazelnut shipments … err … come in? so crisp and clear, like an actual place.


Oh, and I love that Jordan Mallory’s profile is super into SNSD. It made my day.

Perfect springtime vibes from Weird Twitter’s Own :bird:

There’s something about OST’s to hypothetical video games that is very good and love seeing it whenever I can.

Maybe… I like birds?? Cause this is tight af

I thought this was an interesting feature and was wondering: will Waypoint be doing more interactions with video game music composers or musicians heavily influenced by game music, or was this kind of a one-off? I like the Spotify playlists, too.

Jordan is the biggest SNSD fan I know. Gif game on point.

A little of column A, a little of column B!

Leyawn is someone whose music we’ve liked for a while, and the project was itself designed in such a way that it made sense for us to cover it. It’s an OST to a fake video game, after all, and if our Twitter mentions are to be believed, we are fake gamers, so it was a perfect fit.

It isn’t the first time we’ve covered music, and it won’t be the last, but we probably will continue to be a little picky, in general. (Especially since VICE’s Noisey and Thump already do so much good work in the music sphere.)

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Thanks! That sounds like the best way to go about it.

San Francisco decided to be warm today, so this soundtrack fits perfectly. Loving it so far!