Get Over Another Garbage Transformers Film with a Good Transformers Game

‘The Last Knight’ is, says the reviews, so much Junkion. But you can cleanse your palate with a decent Robots in Disguise game.

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I have really enjoyed the last three Transformers games. You are right about Devastation being short as well. The wife got it for me last Christmas and by the end of Boxing Day it was done. Very enjoyable few hours though.

I am probably going to see the new movie, as I have found parts of all the previous films to be good. Small parts admittedly, but there is just enough in them to make me think I am not a total douchebag for paying the ticket price.

I liked Devastation a lot but I think Fall of Cybertron is my favourite Transformers game. As well as weighty shooting mechanics it is mechanically varied and tells a surprisingly enjoyable story. Taking in both Decepticons and Autobots while maintaining the Transformers dichotomy of knockabout fun/ portentous nonsense.

It also looks great and has a fantastic sense of scale required when you have robots who are also literal cities.

Mad props as well to the PS2 game Transformers. An under appreciated gem in its time. No idea how well it will hold up now. When I have space to set my PS2 up it will be one of my first discs in the machine.

the metroplex bit in Fall was just kisses air

Have you played the PS2 game, Mike? There is an extra special fight in there with a giant decepticon. It was Shadow of the Colossus scale, must have been pushing the PS2 to it’s limits.

I played one of them - with the minicons?? It was v tough.

That’s the one, it was surprisingly tough, considering it was technically based on the Transformers cartoon of the time. Transformers: Armada I believe.

I was mainly thinking about the boss fight but I forgot there was the whole upgrading system with the minicons. I need to get my PS2 out of my parents garage!

Armada was ACE. Whoever decided that transformations and combinations should be done in Sailor Moon style posing sequences was a god damn genius.

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