Get Planting in This 'Threes'-Like Puzzle Game


'Topsoil' is a simple, cozy puzzler with charm.

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You had me at Threes. Looks great, just downloaded and played a match before I commented. Threes has lived on my home screen for the last two years or so. Any game worthy of that comparison is probably great.

With that said, I got a score of 119 and I think I knew what I was doing. Until I started to block myself in and the bariety of plants began to show their true colors. This game appears to have some good depth in it, excited to play more.

Edit: I was terrible at this game. New high is 1033, thanks for the new puzzle game!


just stopping by to say when i see the small version of your avatar in the topics list i always think it’s shadow the hedgehog. good news i think. thanks.