'Ghost Recon: Breakpoint' Soars While Players Navigate Chaos and Vulnerability

One of the most powerful fantasies is that of hyper-competence. Imagine losing all doubt and hesitation to become a smoothly functioning machine, grinding the coarse variables of means, circumstance, and timing into irresistible triumph.

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Funny how Rob seems to be pretty positive on the game because this seems like the first Ubisoft open world game that’s getting full on “this is bad” treatment from most outlets.


…gods dammit.

I’ve found that my taste is more and more alike to Rob’s than any of the other reviewers, although I share Cado’s Destiny addiction.

I was hoping I could avoid this one. Wildlands was kinda fun, but also hella troubling at times. The trailers for Breakpoint made me curious, but I held back, knowing that Shadowkeep was going to drop around the same time.

Seeing Rob find something meaty to it just makes me that much more curious.


Yeah I am definitely curious about this. A lot of reviewers are not pleased with this one but Rob’s discussion on this weeks podcast and his review make me SUPER curious. I was just considering purchasing AC Odyssey because I haven’t played a UBI Open World for a few years. Now I am thinking of this!

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Thank god Cado put the outtakes of that ad at the end, because every time that ad comes up it’s delightfully punchy and I never skip it (advertisers, ur welcome) and hearing the outtakes was both amazing and uuuuuh honestly a better sell on the series? Ad people, just like… Ask Rob to tell the vague history of your thing, it’s more interesting than any ad copy.

All in all, just a fantastic episode? I will add to the Destiny thing: I’m doing First Light, having never played before, and ppl should know you don’t even need PSN for the first hour, if you wanna feel how the game plays a bit. I would say it’s still not very good at explaining what world I’m in? Like the setting of the series is still a massive question mark for me, which is a little annoying but idk if that gets more expository later. It’s pretty tho! That double jump is finicky tho.


If you have a PC that can run it, this game is worth a month of Uplay+ ($14.99). I’ve had no performance issues or glitches, like Rob I’m a Panther Boy lurking across the island which the only evidence I exist to the Sentinels is the pile of their dead coworkers left in my wake.

My gear level goes up steadily, might just be me but all my loot is generally always an improvement to what I currently have and I’ve just been wondering mostly on foot. Micro-transactions are hidden away in a menu, so far I’ve never seen this menu.

Idk how long I’ll be playing it, probably be done with it before the end of the month, I’ll cancel my Uplay+ and reup it for Watch_Dogs: Legion when the time comes.

I’m wondering if some of the tension that comes with those moments of feeling evenly matched or out matched that Rob mentioned go away if you’re playing with others. It seems like a fun romp but I don’t think I’d stick to it playing solo but at the same time I don’t want to lose that tension by playing with friends.

You’re very squishy, you can go down in seconds in encounters against 5 or more enemies without good cover. There are mortars and drones that bomb you out of cover if you’re spotted, often from hundreds of meters away/on the other sides of buildings. Things spiral out of control extremely quickly when you don’t have the drop on a decent sized contingent.

I’ve noticed that 2 or 3 enemies, will all seek cover when I start shooting but 5 or 6 enemies will send an enemy two to flank me while others lay down cover fire on me and when that happens I’ve rarely gotten out of it without taking a few hits. When 70% of your health can disappear in an instant, having coop partners doesn’t erase the tension even though you’re more survivable from my experience.


Oops, wrong Breakpoint thread.

Excitedly bought the game based on this endorsement and kinda… wish I hadn’t. The moments Rob describes are certainly there, there are moments of real tension and delight, but they’re few and far between for me. The open world rhythm is VERY close to the worst parts of AC: Odyssey, in particular the gear system, where every gun is really just a number, and every single chest has an item that’s one or two numbers higher than the one you have. I was hoping for more tactical reliance on gear, but in reality there are only five guns with slightly different skins.

I’m curious what difficulty Rob was playing on as well. Hard mode is far too easy to capture the realism I like, and Extreme is great for roaming, but a lot of story missions drop you in a massive base or into a firefight where you can’t possibly survive.

I got Breakpoint mostly to replace Siege, which my wife hates watching, with something that had a story. Unfortunately I can’t see getting past 20 hours in this.


I killed Walker in the first half hour of the game. Blew up his helicopter with a grenade launcher after the intro cutscene of him shooting one of your friends in the face.

I’m interested to see how that affects the rest of the playtime.

I did this because I could not care less about the type of story Tom Clancy’s TM games tell. I want to break it as much as possible while enthusiastically skipping all the cutscenes about these grim-faced military people grimly being grim about what form of betrayal and war crimes are the flavor of the day. I like the gameplay of them and that’s it, i’m only playing this because I decided to give Uplay+ a try. So that this one lets you do a Far Cry-style narrative skip is actually encouraging, they seem to want to let people play however they want.


It’s probably isn’t enough to swing anyone but by the end of the game the game starts going in the direction of the next Rainbow Six game of completely abandoning the serious realistic military thriller part of the Tom Clancy military fetishism brand as the robots start exibiting sentient behavior and everyone is really certain that transhumanism is on the table and personally I can’t wait to point my Heckler & Koch M416 with the Magpul stock at the hive mind gestalt speaking through a face made of a hundred drones.

Edit: TIL Jace Skell is voiced by Rodney Mullen. It’s not a bad performance so that’s actually pretty impressive.


so…ghost recon: binary domain?


It doesn’t surprise me but it does irritate me that the voice of male Nomad is fourth from the top, while the voice of female Nomad is absolute dead last on the IMDB credits. (And it’s Alix Wilton Regan - she’s not exactly an unknown voice actor!)


I’d heard nothing about Nomad being playable as a female so I went to the wiki and naturally that fact is hidden in the notes at the bottom of the Nomad page.

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I can’t wait to play this in six months, like most Ubisoft games.


Exactly! Sounds like a fun 20-30 dollar game when I have an open month. And unlike wildlands which I never bought it doesn’t sound completely morally bankrupt at least.

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It’s definitely one of those games. I’m only playing it because it’s costing me $15.

I have a suspicion it might be that typical Ubi game that one day you wake up and it’s become a “whole” thing with new game modes and a modestly sized but dedicated community.

It’s definitely a live service game so the have something planned. Might not make it anything that justifies that but if I have anything positive to say about Ubi it’s that they support the hell out of their titles.

What if they just made a PUBG (I say PUBG because that’s the specific style of battle royale that would fit) mode? There’s even a story that works, Libertarian utopia turns into Running Man.

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I know one of the things the dev team has already said is being added is the return of AI teammates, so it wouldn’t surprise me if this thing evolves quite a bit (I believe Wildlands did too).

I mean… I’m pretty sure in 2016 I fell into a quantum rift and into a new reality where a different Rainbow Six Siege was developed. Or I guess they might have patched in a bunch.