'Ghost Recon: Breakpoint' Soars While Players Navigate Chaos and Vulnerability

I’d be interested in a Hardcore Mode that did more with the survival stuff and removed the numbers game of the weapons.

Just give me my AA Metal Gear Solid V clone pls


I’ve gotta say I fell really good about Uply+ right now. I decided not to jump in to Breakpoint and Play AC Odyssey instead. But I’ll keep a close eye on Breakpoint and see what sort of sweet sweet #content they add moving forward.

The negative reviews keep coming strong. I’m really curious to see what this game looks like in 2-3 months.

Oh shit.

I forgot completely about that service.

Yeah, I need to give it a shot too.

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Ubisoft at some point said that all their games going forward will allow for male/female choice of playable character. It’s something I really appreciate from them.

Unfortunately for this game it’s pretty half-assed since most NPCs still refer to my character as a man in dialogue.


I for one am having a great time, and my friends are all wary about purchasing because it strangely seems to be getting much more flak than I would have expected. I had a good time with the Beta and decided to take the plunge and get the full game. I haven’t been reading many of the articles, but hearing Rob be positive on it was validating. The couple of times I’ve jumped into co-op with randos, it doesn’t seem like it gets noticeably easier. If anything, one of your squadmates screwing up and starting a shootout brings a whole element of “welp, gotta bail their ass out of this” - which feels pretty empowering when you’re still stealthy, picking off the snipers and flanking soliders zoning in on your pal.

Also at one point had a dude going really high up in the helicopter, like, really high up. And I hadn’t unlocked the parachute perk yet. I had to switch my mic on just to say “hey, dude. please don’t bail out of this helicopter. i don’t have a parachute, and you will certainly kill me”. And their response - “We all gotta go sometime”.

Lotta fun.


@SenorSnoo and his parachute-less friends:


That’s the most infuriating thing to me. Even on extreme mode, the injury and survival systems just don’t factor into the gameplay. They’re there, if you squint, but I’ve been actively seeking out situations where they come into play and they just… don’t


All injuries have done is made me take 30 seconds in a fight to find a spot I can sit and watch the bandage animation.

I have never used my canteen or eaten anything ever.

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Man, imagine this game with Arma style map use. Where you had to use landmarks and your compass to navigate.

I like that Ubisoft is offering up the idea of “in this mode, you won’t get markers holding your hand, you have to figure it out yourself,” but they definitely are very very over-generous with the hints and such in both this game and AC: Odyssey. It’s like they want to offer the option of figuring it out yourself but also don’t want to even open the possibility of people being too confused so they all but tell you exactly where the objective is.

It’s like the quest pin will say “Look for this plane crash! It’s SOMEWHERE!..in between this landmark, which is clearly identified on the map, and this other landmark, which is also clearly identified on the map! And sure enough right between them, also on the map, is a clearly identifiable shape that looks like a plane crash! EXPLORATION!”

If they committed to the Exploration mode more whole-heartedly it could genuinely be an amazing option for those of us who’d enjoy it.

One thing that Breakpoint does better in this regard than Odyssey is that usually you first have to find intel on the objective before you get the over-generous hints, so you need to find a civilian to talk to or infiltrate a base to find a computer or an enemy soldier who knows something.

I’m enjoying the exploration mode as-is but yeah, it would be cool if there was a little more to it. Which is how I feel about most of the new systems they’ve added, to be honest. But it’s been fun enough and scratches a bit of the MGS V open-world itch for me. Worth a month of Uplay+, anyway.

Kind of surprised how much this game is getting dunked on by reviews – it feels like a solid incremental improvement over Wildlands, and no part of it seems offensively bad (not even the microtransactions that are getting a lot of focus, but seem completely ignorable).

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It actually feels like a step back from Wildlands for me.

There’s a shocking lack of polish in the game. From subtitles using the wrong words frequently to NPCs referring to my character as the wrong gender, physics bugs, laggy menus, terribly designed menus, awful vehicle controls, my emblem/cosmetic clothing options resetting every time I load the game. The loot system is also completely superfluous since I get an incremental upgrade for at least one of my equipment slots in every. single. fight so nothing feels special or a significant upgrade. It’s just a number that slowly goes up just like my XP meter. Also the always online component is completely worthless and feels like it’s only there to support the aggressive microtransactioning.

Show this game and Wildlands to a person who doesn’t know either, tell them they took out all the crap that didn’t work from Breakpoint and also added AI companions for the sequel in Wildlands and I bet they would believe you.

I’ve now finished the game, and my opinion hasn’t changed.

Or rather, i’ve done all the main quests and run out of story missions to do. But that sure wasn’t an ending, there are at least five dangling plot threads and bad guys running around with no missions leading to them. I assume they will come in the form of DLC down the road.

I cannot recommend against playing this game enough, it’s not worth bothering with. It’s buggy and unfinished and just gross with the microtransactions.

Yeah I’m nowhere near done, but my prevailing feeling is that aside from its shittier politics, Wildlands is mostly the better game. The gear score/loot chase in breakpoint seems so profoundly pointless as everything (aside from those special drone patrol areas) levels right along with you.

In breakpoint’s favour:
helicopter handles better than in WL
wind effects are nice

edit: also I will say the bases tend to be more interesting visually/architecturally than WL due to the bigger buildings. It does change the way you approach them compared to WL, but I’m not sure I’d characterize that part as better or worse, necessarily.

I’m still enjoying it a bit more than Wildlands, I think – if only because Wildlands’ story was so aggressively bad that it noticeably dragged down my time with that game.

But it’s definitely earned most of its criticism. If this were some underdog indie project, I’d be inclined to stan for it a bit more. There are some cool ideas around the periphery and given time I think it could be massaged into something pretty special. But this is a triple-A Ubisoft troops-and-guns game, and most of its problems are extremely self-inflicted in service of the “live game” business model, so… eh.

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So, I gave this a shot last night by signing up to UPlay+.

I am playing on extreme difficulty, with lite HUD, and I’m trying to spec into a Metal Gear kind of build with my character.

One of the things that I think has really hampered open world game design is tagging your enemies. Just knowing where EVERYONE is at all times really hurts the intensity and immersion in the game. Sure, it makes sense that a Ghost would have satellite support, and they’d be able to mark exterior enemies from overhead, but you’re supposed to be a dude on your own… Out in the wilderness. I have turned that off so I actually have to have some spatial awareness when I’m playing.

I think I am going to follow some of the advice videos and take a chopper out to get all the fast travel points on the map unlocked right away.

I’m pretty disappointed in the spec map so far. It seems like it REALLY wants you to use drones and sync shot all the boys with the skill. I’m going to see if I can navigate AROUND that, focus squarely on stealth stats.

Man, are the vehicle controls bad. I feel like I’m in a constant spin when driving a motorcycle.

Story wise, it’s ok. I actually really love the pacing of the game. It’s very quiet at first, with Nomad making her way through the damaged choppers to find her crew. The subtle music and ambient jungle noise is really fantastic here.

I also love how customizable the HUD is here. From all the videos I saw online, the OBJECTIVE BLOCK that takes up a fifth of your screen was making me worried that I wouldn’t be able to get rid of it. Thankfully, you can!

So far, it’s ok. Looking to play a bit more.

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Still enjoying it quite a bit. The bugs that I run across are all pretty forgiveable, and having played every AC entry, I’m just conditioned to roll my eyes and load a checkpoint if I get helplessly stuck. I’m doing a lot more single player than my early hours. I like taking a slow methodical approach to each compound, trying to be as stealthy as possible (and chasing those class objectives, which get pretty difficult toward the later stages) - When the action pops off, I can usually stand my ground just fine, now that I’m actually using the consumables (also pausing and selecting new items makes single player WAY better for me).

One thing that especially frustrates me is when I do try co-op and I get paired with pretty low level players trying to take out Walker. Those groups never work. Ever. Just because you CAN fight the boss at the beginning of the game doesn’t mean you SHOULD. It’s a hard lesson learned for most.

So, Breakpoint has recently been updated with an Immersive Mode, which allows you to turn off the weapon scaling, and gives you a ton of difficulty options to tinker with. They’ve also added AI teammates, which you can customize. You can also disable the weird social hub, though you still have to be online.

I have a new video card in the mail, and I’m really curious to see how cleaned up this game is.

This video seems like a pretty good representation of what the game is like now:


Is it an Nvidia? Because that game can hitch terribly and running it with Vulcan on fixes it.

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I got a RTX 2070 Super, so WOO