Ghostface Killah made the best AMV back in 96 (Wu-Tang General Thread)


I guess Wu-Tang general thread?

Honestly, Ghostface has always been my dude, with Ironman being among my favorite albums ever. At least for me, he’s the perfect combination of delivery, charisma, and lyrical talent. Even when he isn’t making his best songs, he seems to put a ton of energy and I appreciate the hell out of that. His verse on All That I Got Is You still breaks my heart to this day.


I’ve always been a Raekwon guy, but Ghost’s album with BADBADNOTGOOD really got me digging into his back catalog recently.


Liquid Swords is one of my favorite albums ever.

I own one of those Shredders Wu-Tang christmas sweaters with the KillerBees on the sleeve. Has gotten me more compliments at nerd cons than every cosplay I’ve ever worn.


(Also I edited the thread subject to make it clear what the thread is!)


Oh maaaaaaan, it’s been a minute since I listened to that album, but it was absolutely my shit when I found out about it. I wanna say the track with Danny Brown on it is my favorite off it.

@Hamamelis oh for sure, Liquid Swords is probably my 2nd or 3rd favorite Wu album. I think about the intro to Shadowboxin’ on basically a daily basis.


Liquid Swords legit transports me to another place when I listen to it. tattoo “you can see the weakness of a man right through his iris” on my forehead.

it’s probably not one of my absolute faves, but I’ll go to bat for Method Man - Tical, cause I feel like people don’t mention it enough.


Ghostface is a national treasure and literary hero–probably the most important poet living today.

Here’s that video of him listening to Teddy Pendergrass and wailing on Action Bronson.


I always wonder, was the Daytona 500 video the first AMV ever? Someone come help me out with AMV history. What was the first AMV?

Also, Ghostface is the GOAT. His threat to burn Action Bronson’s beard only cements that status.


I saw Ghost live last month and it was othe wildest shows I’ve ever been to. Love Wu so much.
I have half-jokingly suggested on the discord we do a podcast where we go through all the wu tang albums, which should last 9000 years.


I imploded when our very own @austin_walker parodied the Ghostface Bronson response video in his Paxamania promo. This was a deep moment in video games.


Love to play a game I call “Ghostface of Action Bronson” where you don’t look at the song and do your best to guess who is rapping. Even as a self proclaimed rap aficionado, I guess wrong allot.
Wutang my favorite rap group of all time (after Tribe), yet I’ve never really dug into all the solo catalogs, and I’m ashamed of that.


Inspectah Decks opening line on Triumph always blows me away. Might be my favorite rap lyric.