Giant Bomb’s Alex Navarro Joins Us to Spoil Nier: Automata


You asked for it. We, uh, waited a few weeks later to deliver. You're welcome.

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I’m still digging into this great discussion, but I really resonate with Navarro’s experience with destroying the happy robot party tank. It was my greatest crime (except for, uh, betraying my principles in the ending, which I remain bummed about.


Really liked how the guys broke everything down from small to big moments in the game.


I am probably not going to play this game but I sure will listen to this podcast!


Holding out for that 4 hour follow up podcast.

Also someone did solo ending E. It’s scary.


Thanks so much for a great talk. Loved playing this game so much and especially enjoyed hearing your thoughts on the segments I experienced differently!


I find it interesting that having a goal in life allows you to open yourself up to things.


Hey all, bumping this thread since I’m finally done with the game and want to listen to this. But seems like the file isn’t published anymore! Any ideas?

Specifically the libsyn link:


Weird, I’m seeing the episode in the iPhone podcast app:


This link should work


Ah my podcast app had old metadata cached! Refreshed it and it downloaded successfully :smiley: