Gita Appreciation Hour

I’ve loved Gita since before she was at Waypoint and was SO excited when I found out she’d be joining the crew, because I’d mostly read her work before then and not really gotten to hear her speak. She’s absolutely my favorite member of the crew at this point and I selfishly hope she never leaves so I can keep listening to her every week.

read her stuff! it’s great! also she writes about a lot of stuff beyond games! (special props for reporting on racist streamers from my country finally being deplatformed)


Goddammit I can see this

Gita has the best laugh. Like for real, I hear Gita laugh, my mood improves instantly lol
We, and Vice, are lucky to have her.

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When I hear “Hi, I’m Gita!”, I literally always smile.


“Wow, that’s Gita!”


Gita asking Rob his star sign and then absolutely roasting Austin after he’d left were easily my favorite moments from the year-in-review pods. I had them on a few hours into a long drive yesterday and both of them had me cackling.


I live for Gita and Rob banter. I’ve never even watched any Sorkin stuff, but listening to them talk about Sorkin for an hour was riveting.


Gita roasting Rob for looking like someone who watches the mentalist is just * chef kiss


Gita is wonderful. Gita being a huge Star Wars fan but not having seen the most recent film is big mood, glad I’m not the only one from blogger cage.

Always happy to hear her on the pod!


Gita is amazing. My wife and I have talked regularly about how much the pod (and site) have improved because she’s apart of it. I love the other folks on Waypoint, but she adds such a different perspective and sense of joy that really makes everything better.


I forgot to ever mention that Gita’s recommendation of Devs in 2020 got me to watch it over the summer, had a lot of fun with it, and subsequently can’t stop thinking about what if Alex Garland adapted 999 as a mini-series because he absolutely gets it

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Oh, we should make a club or something!

Also yes, Gita rocks!

yes! ever since she joined, I often think that Gita adds such a great and specifically “Gita” energy to the pod that it was missing, not to mention that the Sims info means my partner sometimes listens to the pod with me (they also now watch all of Gita’s sims streams because they’re great).

I just don’t voice these thoughts because, uhhh, i didnt. consider them voiced!

I was also excited to hear they were joining waypoint when it was announced, not just because i’d read some of their stuff at kotaku previously, but also because it was clear the respect that the other hosts had for them already. made them a perfect fit in so many ways


Whenever Gita isn’t on the podcast, all the other hosts should be asking, “Where’s Gita?”

(But unironically. I feel like she hasn’t been on the last couple of episodes, and it sucks!)


I was thinking the same thing. I miss Gita. :cry: Here’s hoping she’s on an episode this week!


Gita, I love you, but who didn’t give you a lint brush for that black shirt on the fighting games episode of Reset?

because of COVID-19, we did not have hair, make up or wardrobe and i live with a cat.


She’s Gita! I know I don’t always understand or agree with what she says, but I always appreciate her perspective and love what she brings to Waypoint. I’m always most hype to hear her and Rob on the same pod :slight_smile:. Suffice it to say, I appreciate having her voice in my life via waypoint/twitter.

I really wish there was more in place to protect/compensate folks that are essentially required to have a larger than normal social media presence as part of their job. It’s BS that she and many others like her are forced to deal with the constant barrage of attention and criticism and nitpicking (side eyeing any and every “I love you–BUT” comment ever made) that comes with a following like hers. Happy to have you Gita! Thank you for being you.

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gita said today that she hasn’t been on the podcast in over 2 months and i really hope she is on the podcast soon.