Give a shout-out


Shout-out to anything you believe in whether it a person, object, or idea you just like.

Shout-out to my metal shoehorn, for not only making it easy to get my shoes on but for not falling apart like my past shoehorns since you’re made of metal!


Shout out to Saturday morning coffee. It has become my favorite part of the week.


Shout out to “How Bout Now?” by favourites Abby and Danika.


Shout out to my girlfriend, who always tries really hard to improve her art despite the lecturers on her uni course being the worst. She also sidestepped her fine art training to paint cat no banana (shout out to cat no banana) which I’ve framed and put it in my room.


Shout out to tools just out there doing the damn thing. Saws, hammers, screwdrivers, et cetera. Much respect


Shout out to Pizza. It’s the best.



I want to shout out going half-and-half on tomato sauce and alfredo sauce in a dish of pasta. Much love and respect to that creamy tomato flavor you impart


Shout-out to the cat who not like the banana


Shout-out to Specialist Penov for landing the 30% shot last night and saving his comrade from the alien menace who couldn’t land the 85%


Shoutout to Online Teammates who are randomly nice


shoutout to the good weird alien noise my cat makes when he tries to meow and purr at the same time


Shout out to all the first websites made in school computer labs in the 90s


Shout out to shout outs.


Shout out to Sp00ky, show him some love.


Shoutout to adjusting the brightness slider until the icon is barely visible


shout out to my moms. she’s good.


Shout out to MadCatz, use promo code SALTYSUITE for 10% off shipping.


Shout out to all my homies out there grinding, legally and illegally. You know what I’m talking about.


Shout out to dark chocolate with roughly 70-85% cocoa content