Give Me A Hot Take About Video Games


From what I can tell, there hasn’t been a thread explicitly asking for the submission of HOT VIDEO GAME TAKES.

So please, GIVE ME YOUR SPICY TAKES, let everyone see your FLAMING HOT OPINIONS!!!

(also lets keep it light and fun don’t use this as an excuse to say horrendous shit or bully someone for their opinion)

To get the ball rolling, here is a take I’d say rates like a 3/5 on the heat scale (based off reactions I’ve gotten to it): Dark Souls bosses haven’t aged well at all. The bosses are either piss easy once you understand what’s going on, or genuinely unfair in a way that’s more frustrating than fun. In the base game only Fatboy Slim is any good.


The best DMC weapon is Ifrit.

Cause, you see, it’s a fire weapon.

That is my hot take.


DMC is a great game because it’s a fantastic introduction to character action games, at least mechanically.


Metal Gear Survive is one of the most uncompromising and laser-focused art games ever released in the AAA space and the best possible ending to metal gear as a series




My video game hot take:

All of the time and energy we put into playing and discussing these games would probably be better served elsewhere.


Bret Hart was abso-LUTLY betrayed at the Montreal screwjob. Hart losing the title on Canadian soil, “submitting” to the Sharpshooter no less, was the height of disrespect. Time has since shown Vince McMahon to be an amoral, awful person for a variety of reasons, but you could see it back then too.

Uh… video game hot take… the Sly Cooper games are not that good. ducks


Yooka and Laylee look like rejected cereal mascots.


The best Metal Gear Solid 3 boss is The Fury.

Cause he has a flamethrower.

Which is hot.


original pixelart spelunky looks 100x better than HD console spelunky


Fallout 76 is the most honest Bethesda Fallout game

Tetris Effect is a confused mess that doesn’t understand how senses work

Alpha Protocol is the definitive RPG of the seventh gen

Sonic Racing Transformed is better than Mario Kart

Red Dead Redemption 2 is underrated

Bioshock 2 is the best one

Fi is a good character


Knight Artorias would like to have some gosh dang words about that!

But anyway, I have two takes of variable heat index:

  1. Deus Ex: Invisible War is narratively and aesthetically more compelling than Deus Ex 1.


  1. Pokémon Emerald has the best art in the series, and the transition from pixel art to 3D models made both the pokemon and environments significantly less memorable.


the important bit in that quote is “base game”, Artorias is DLC, not base game.


I can’t stand the rest but I’ll glady die on this particular hill with you


The Nintendo DS should be in the conversation for best console of all time in terms of game library and not enough people care about it


my opinions on videogames are pretty standard, so Ill get into tabletop which isnt exactly a hot take?

D&D and Pathfinder shouldnt still be the standard for fantasy role-play. Powered by the Apocalypse and Forged in the Dark systems offer so much more with so much less on the player side and have such great tools for GMs to learn the set up process

Cyberpunk is not a great system and a lot of the body-mod stuff can be read as extremely reactionary. Going off a little, 2077 being based off that and not 3.0 is extremely telling to me when it comes to CDPRs priorities.


I’ve submitted this to a Professional Reviewer Of Wrestling Hot Takes* for review

*my pal who really likes wrestling


Incredibly good take, not sure if I’d call it the spiciest take, but I’m sure it’d piss off a lot of Critical Role fans and that makes it a hot take imo


Oh shit, do we get tabletop hot takes?

D&D and it’s ilk are really awful games, and if you and your players care about roleplaying and exploring characters in anyway outside making numbers big and getting magic weapons, you OWE it to yourselves to play other games.

Wizard’s of the Coast hired known harassers to consult on 5th Edition, and that really should be enough for people not to touch that shit ass company with a 10-foot pole.

Roleplaying games are having a golden age with indie, and even explicitly queer creators and games, and it’s a goddamn disservice that so many large voices in the industry just will not highlight these games.

RPGs that can deliver a satisfying story in a single session are necessarily better games than ones that encourage longer forms of storytelling because people will actually get to play them.

EDIT: Magic the Gathering kind of sucks, and it sucks because 90% of the game has become a Capitalism simulator.


We are so entrenched in common tropes and vocabularies, especially shooting as the main or only verb, that no matter what may happen in the indie sphere I feel that actual change in games as a whole is nigh impossible.