Give Me A Hot Take About Video Games


Controversial, brave, correct.

Everyone dunks on Bioshock: Infinite’s story and character development, but it’s gunplay was a step down from previous Bioshocks, with boring weapons, a puzzling upgrade system, and an imbalanced gear mechanic. Enemies were boring, bosses were too tanky, and while plasmids made a valiant effort to make it fun, they couldnt do it all.


Twilight Princess is unfairly maligned because it’s exactly what fans claimed they wanted after Wind Waker, and fans are terrible at knowing what they want. It has some of the best dungeons in the series, Midna is a way better character than Navi or Fi (Link is basically her sidekick), and even though they probably could have upped the saturation a little, there’s still a real, haunting beauty to its world.

Oh, and the Gamecube version with the unmirrored map is the correct way to play it.


Metroid Fusion is to blame for Metroid Other M. Every story and structural problem the latter has originates from Fusion so even though it is a fun game to play I can’t stand it anymore.


The Paper Mario Series has only gotten BETTER with each game

I’m just kidding but can you even imagine a take this bad


bioshock: infinite’s ending is the only effective immersive sim ending and it’s barely even an immersive sim


Enter the Gungeon > Nuclear Throne


The base building in Fallout 4 is what makes it a good game, because being able to impact the lives of people in the Wasteland in a positive way by helping them live sustainable lives is exactly what we should be looking for in a post-apocalyptic video game.



It’s almost an anti-immersive sim ending. Because Infinite’s entire shtick is fatalism and how the path you take to the end doesn’t matter, whereas most typical immersive sims go with multiple endings to mold to the player’s path and end up having to hedge on their resolutions and points because of that.

Which is to say oh crap you’re 100% right.


I… what?

I get the idea you’re going with, but I’m having a real hard time squaring sanitation with memorable food.


Grinding in single-player games is a tedious and boring way to pad a game out and takes more away from the story than it adds. The FF games that are on PC are doing the right thing by adding in features that just let you max out items, skills and Gil, and every RPG that doesn’t want to scale itself properly should add those as optional features.


Pro game writing tip: If you make your lore complex enough and jam in enough tropes, your audience will do the hard work of creating actual meaning themselves.


Correction/Addition: Avellone and also all of Obsidian and also literally anyone trying to be Bloated CRPG Smart Boy Brain Video Game Writer. Also don’t forget flippant use of really heavy topics that you, the player, get to decide if they’re actually “that bad” or not, because even lefty fans keep fuckin cheerin this stuff on regardless of context for some reason.

I’m still dead convinced that the worst part of Prey where a moral choice about sparing/killing a convict has their rap sheet include “solicitation of a minor” is entirely the fault of Avellone being involved, because that is the most Obsidian bullshit possible in the middle of otherwise tonally tame/corny space game silliness.

Edit: fresh hot take - Deus Ex’s first act is abysmally paced and mostly utterly fails at highlighting what’s special about DX in both writing and systems. Even Liberty Island is about 30% potentially emergent gameplay (that’s far more likely to just be quicksaving-until-you-can-generic-stealth-behind-all-the-men-and-collect-all-the-things), and 70% dull negative space that’s done no favours by awkward movement speed, barely any verticality or interesting opportunities and every system being poorly explained or, in the case of augmentations, absent until the level’s done.


A lot of nefarious data collection and psychological manipulation is done under the guise of entertainment, and this makes me extremely nervous engaging with this form of media.


People should be allowed to sell mods.


Oni is Bungie’s best game.


Can I give a cereal hot take?

Honey Nut Cheerios are pretty damn overrated as far as breakfast cereals go.


Also Rockstar’s best game.


Multigrain Cheerios are MUCH better!


Please, that’s clearly Manhunt.


Despite saying that I love Metroid there are probably only 3-4 great ones. Metroid 2 is one of them, Super is not. Zero Mission ruined the first game.

While we’re on the subject of these games, SotN is the prettiest pile of trash you’ll ever play. It has some of the worst difficulty spikes in games history and the entirety of the inverted castle sucks. It alone scared me off of ever playing the GBA/DS ones.

I don’t usually feel weird when playing violent games, but RTS is the only genre that consistently yucks me out of playing them for more than a little bit. It doesn’t help that the theme of every single RTS game is “you can play as a good war general or a bad war general and the only tangible differences are your units”.

Sea of Thieves was a brave attempt at taking the parts of MMOs and dungeon-crawler styled games that suck and replacing them with fun. The character creator not letting you customize was also a great choice, and forced people to work outside of their comfort zone and not make every pirate in that game look like everyone just picked Male Torso 1.