Give Me A Hot Take About Video Games


Oh wait you right


As someone who finished the game for the first time in October, the base in Battery Park was probably the first moment that I actually “liked” it. Even then, though, you go to Hell’s Kitchen and the game is back on its bullshit. The game probably doesn’t start getting good until you get locked up, which is like, 3-4 hours deep depending on your playstyle.


Titanfall 2 is the answer to the question “what if Half Life 2 was a good game?”


Please explain this one. I’m not challenging the take, but I literally do not see how the dots connect here in this comparison other than both games have first person shooting.


Half Life 2 is corridor shooter with a focus on set pieces and light puzzle platforming. The problem is the shooting isn’t great, and the puzzle sections are both too simple and to finicky somehow. The pacing of the game is a little disjointed, with some set pieces feel way too long (the boat section), while others feel too short (throwing people with the gravity gun).

Titanfall 2 has the same priorities, but pulls them off better in my opinion. The shooting feels great! The puzzle platforming is intuitive without losing friction. The set pieces are mostly novel, and don’t overstay thier welcome.

For me, TF2 (lol) does everything HL2 does but better.


I would take it a step further and say Titanfall 2 is the best Source Engine game.


Rockstar’s best game is their PS1 adaptation of the 1969 version of The Italian Job.

Half-Life 2 is bad!!!


Also they both end with the player being given an incredibly overpowered weapon and told to go on a power trip, which Titanfall 2 does much better.


Okay might as well share an actual hot take that ended up with a bunch of kunckledraggers calling me the r-word on twitter

Half-Life 2’s design focus on making the player feel good and awesome and the center of the universe at all times within the narrative and the fact that it’s widely considered one of the greatest games ever made is a good indicator of how this widespread player power fantasy centric design that’s surrounded games for basically ever has played a massive role in making the gaming community a toxic sesspool of self-loathing people ganging up on minorities, something I saw happen in real time with one of my old friends who went full gater within days (and yes, he once got very mad when he heard about some people not agreeing that Half-Life 2 was one of the best games ever made).


If I can jump on the bandwagon, HL2’s continued feverish acclaim is kinda weird to me because I don’t think I’ve ever heard a compelling argument for its canonization that didn’t ultimately come down to how important it was for Valve and PC gaming.

The game itself is merely fine, it was just super helpful for the “scene”


… is this a safe place to say that Halo 2 was the superior, and ultimately more influential, shooter of 2004?


I’m not in the “Half-Life 2 was actually bad” camp, but I think Halo 2’s huge influence on multiplayer console shooters was more significant than HL2’s influence on single player shooter campaigns.

Halo 2 pretty much set the deck for the huge multiplayer shooter boom of the next console generation.


here’s another hot take: fran’s outfit in FFXII is bad and the fact that they’re apparently making it the default for lady Viera in XIV is bad.


Related Hot Take:

Akihiko Yoshida hasn’t really done any really good work in years outside of some of his stuff for FFXIV. And most of his best work has far more to do with working with Hiroshi Minagawa and Yasumi Matsuno than anything else.

His Ogre Battle Tarot cards are pretty good though. As well as a great example off all his flaws


HL2 is important not because of the game itself but because of it’s engine and the huge impact that it has had on the modding community.


While all the praise for them is not necessarily false the metro and stalker series made it into the west mainly because they heavily feed the existing negative and sometimes xenophobic preconceptions about Eastern European cultures.


The only good Bioware game is Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood. It’s 7/10 and it’s leagues above everything else they’ve ever done.


You are SO brave!


Pretty much, but the original is arguably even more influential. That’s where Gearbox got their foot in the door, where the modding community started and grew, where countless talents started to grow. HL2 just expanded that impact.


I’ve seen a bizzare crossover between people who love Getting Over It who also aren’t really a fan of Git Gud type games. And i really don’t get it. Its the same type of game, only instead of being in your face, Bennet Foddy just calmly waxes philosophically about how important failure and being difficult is in this age of internet trash over folksy music. And it seemed like a bunch of people were like “oh now this is really deep stuff folks”.

(I like Getting over it btw, just mkaing an observation)