Give Me A Hot Take About Video Games


Star Fox Adventures would be remembered as one of the best GameCube games if someone went back in time and cut about 25% of the length of each puzzle.


You have companies like Gearbox and Unknown Worlds Entertainment that start from the HL modding scene but HL2 sees things like Facepunch’s Garry’s Mod rise up which 14 years later it still dips in and out of being a top 10 game on Steam almost every day with over 50,000 peak player counts. That is a game that is entirely billed as a mod and continues to stay popular because of it’s modding scene and has some of the most interesting gameplay mods made for it just because of how easy it is to get in and make things.

I do not like Garry himself but it would be hard to deny the fact that his creation has been one of the most impactful games of all time.

Source SDK Base 2013 Multiplayer shows up on the top 100 played list because it’s an accumulation of all players who are playing multiplayer HL2 mods that have yet to be formally published on Steam. There’s 20,000+ people currently and to me, that is mind-blowing.

Modding doesn’t have as big of a spotlight on it as it once did because of the rise of indie games and better tools but Source engine modding is still going incredibly strong to this day which the same really can’t be said for GoldSrc. I strongly suspect that there are things that will still come out of this engine that will have a significant impact on the industry that we just don’t know about yet.

It’s hard for me to put into words but there is something that is just completely magical about developing on this engine that draws people to it despite Unreal being vastly superior to it and not having terrible licensing attached. The fact that we are getting new games like Titanfall 2 that still use this engine is just incredible.


Star Fox Adventures was both my first Gamecube game and my first 3D Zelda and I gotta say: I think it ranks highly in both of those categories. I’m pretty sure that if it was just called Dinosaur Planet people wouldn’t have such a negative connotation about it.


Half Life 2 is just a long tech demo for source engine. Alex Vance is just fan service.

Interactive Fiction doesnt get enough credit and is often ignored/passed over despite having been years ahead in many ways of mainstream games.


Shovel Knight is not a good Platformer.


Ok now this one I need an explanation for


Call me crazy, but I don’t really think saying that HL2 isn’t that great of a game in retrospect is all that hot of a take. Almost no FPS games from that era hold up. They straddle this weird middle ground between waves of mentality between eras of the FPS genre. You can almost look at Half-Life 2 and Halo 2 as sister games that popularized different parts of what the genre would ultimately become down the road until the next big paradigm shift happened with CoD4.

Regardless of how the game feels now and just the sheer pleasure of dunking on the myth Valve as this god tier developer, it’s hard to describe how and why that game felt so different at the time.


Here’s one I’ll regret:

Quake 2 is better than Quake.

Quake 2 was one of my first first person shooters, and so it’ll always have a special place in my heart. I don’t mind the switch from Gothic horror to sci-fi horror. In fact, The mechanical monstrosities of the Strogg are much more interesting to me than the monsters of Q1.

The intro for Quake 2 still gives me shivers:


Mega Man Legends 2 is the best Mega Man game hands down with the Zero Franchise following pretty close behind.


The best thing about The Witcher 3 is that, unlike most WRPGS, it has an actual protagonist with specific goals and motivations that drive the story forward.


Related hot take, which also shows my age: Sensible (World) of Soccer is still the best (association rules) football game for precisely this reason - it’s just enough like football to be football (which isn’t much at all).


Is that a hot take? I always feel like I’m doing a hot take when I say that Quake is far superior to Quake 2 because that sci-fi horror is more obviously super-derivative (and also allows for some more problematic design choices) from being more “consistent”. I thought people were supposed to like Quake 2 for the consistency, hub-level design, etc etc?


If the world your players are exploring is only interesting because of deeper context that exists solely in optional text, your world isn’t actually interesting.


OH I have an actual hot take. I don’t like how they took away one of your weapons and made you do some underdeveloped hacking mini-game instead in the second route of Nier: Automata. That absolutely ruined the game for me, I never finished route B.


Hey if you thought that was bad, just imagine how frustrating it is when you don’t realize your PC graphics settings are somehow slowing down the firing rate and movement in the hacking mini game by 50% making some of them literally impossible and only discovering it after looking it up online after hours of confusion!


Most retro-FPS fans online seem to prefer the first Quake, for whatever that’s worth. Quake 1 has faster movement, more inventive level design, and the best grenade launcher. Thematically it’s totally a matter of taste whether Quake 1’s incoherence is pleasantly unsettling or just incoherent.


For me, the stuff that Quake 2 was doing was really ahead of it’s time. Explosions that actually give light, death animations that have characters trying to get a few shots off before they die, and a soundtrack that is just bangin.’ I don’t find the sci-fi story problematic, because the the Strogg are basically the Borg. Whatever alien they were before has been destroyed, and now they’re used to fight the Strogg’s war.

I tried playing Quake at a later time, and it just did not have the same hook that Quake 2 did.



I’d also agree that Half-Life 2 is overrated. Lots of bridge puzzles and tech demo setpieces. Did anyone really enjoy walking across the beaches trying not to disturb the ant-lions. Valve didn’t even finish the story either… They can’t make Half Life 3 until they can do something truly miraculous with technology so they can create another bunch of tech demo setpieces starring the Freeman.

I miss Left 4 Dead. Where’s Left 4 Dead 3?

Rockstar’s best game is their PS1 adaptation of the 1969 version of The Italian Job.

Rockstar’s best game is The Warriors.


I’m not a hot take expert, but I’ll try:
Minecraft is the most influential game of the 21st century.
Mordin is the only interesting character in ME2 and 3.
Almost all Rpgs would benefit from having no voice acting and cinematics.


Man, I feel the exact opposite of this.