Give Me A Hot Take About Video Games


Ill agree with the sentiment that RPGs tend to immerse me more without voice acting, but if the VO is good and I’m playing a set character? (a la Geralt or, to some degree, Commander Shepherd) gimmie that VO.


I think Alpha Protocol handled it best through how dialog choices were framed as an active choice by Thorton, and the player by extension, as a means to manipulating people. It’s a solid cover up for how different tones sound like completely different characters, a huge problem in the Mass effect series where Paragon and renegade lines rarely sound like they could ever come from the same person.


Yeah, me too. Narrative choice is maybe the least important thing to me in RPGs. It’s nearly impossible to make a story significantly different based on choices because of how expensive that would be, so the decisions hardly ever mean anything.

I love RPGs for the gameplay choices that come up, like tailoring a party to a certain challenge, or specing my character to change my playstyle. If voice acting and cinematics are there to tell me a good story along the way, then that’s just icing on the cake.


So, I should clarify: the Strogg themselves, as a concept, aren’t problematic (they’re just uninspired); the problematic things are some of the specific design choices and level choices (which, because the setting is less abstract, can be more “bro-lite” in their messaging - letting you be cruel in various stages; designing some of the Strogg with teenage-boy design principles and so on).


Well, it appealed to me at a certain time in my life… I was a teenager when I played it. Actually, maybe a pre-teen.

It was my Halo for people younger than me, I guess.

I haven’t played it in years. All I know is that Quake 2 left a better impact, for me, than whenever I tried playing the original Quake. My dad first showed me Quake 2, and I remember in one of my art classes making him a clay Quake 2 themed box for his birthday. The big Q with the two dashes through it were wobbly, but I made them stand. It’s important to me, which is why I feel in a thread about ‘light hot takes’ I can say it’s better than Quake 1 :stuck_out_tongue:


haha we’re having fun here in this jokes and dokes thread lol

But some of these takes are so bad that I have chosen to leave this website forever.


The social links in Persona are boring because your protagonist is a non-character, so it ends up being a whole lot of people just monologuing their backstory and character arc at you.


Hot Take: Second Sight has the best plot twist in any video game ever made.


It is a crime that no one played that game and that it will likely never get a sequel.


The original Mafia had one of the BEST video game soundtracks of all time, and no one ever talks about it.


The Medabots RPG on the GBA is incredibly underrated.


The lore in the Halo games is good, actually.


Oh wait I forgot my real hot take: the Stanley Parable is insufferably pretentious and nihilistic and its entire thesis is antithetical to what makes games interesting. It’s just a pared down version of Bioshock Infinite.


YIIK is a good game.


This has caused me so much anguish because I instinctively want to agree but idk enough about the post Halo 4 lore to agree.


Sure, I first played Quake 2 at the age of 17, and I didn’t notice as much of the issues then as I do now. You’re allowed to enjoy problematic and derivative things! [Although, I’ve replayed Quakes 1 through 4 as an older person, and 1 and 3 definitely held up better for me.]


Persona 3 Portable is the best Persona game.


If Final Fantasy games force years of delays upon Kingdom Hearts games, Square Enix doesn’t need to make Final Fantasy anymore. Just cancel the FFVII Remake.


Heh, this seems a lot meaner than you’re probably intending.


It’s not mean at all: almost everyone has at least one thing they enjoy which they ‘shouldn’t’.