Give Me A Hot Take About Video Games


Agreed about the Halo lore. As a sci-fi obsessed, lore hungry kid growing up in the early 2000’s, Halo was my third pillar of formative space opera (the other two being Star Wars and Stargate). I loved the gameplay for those games, but I was also all-in on the stories of them.

It always weirded me out hearing games journalists talk about the Halo story being overly complicated and incomprehensible. Like I get not liking it if that kind of military sci-fi isn’t your thing, but I never felt the plot in those games was particularly hard to follow.


I love video game “bubbles”. Where every studio gets the idea to make an arena shooter or a dota or whatever. It’s fun seeing the evolution from “dark souls clone” to to something being considered a genre in its own right


Except I don’t think I shouldn’t enjoy it?

I legit DO enjoy it.


No one in Fire Emblem is fuckable. I don’t think Chrom knows what or how to fuck. I really disliked the game forcing characters to have children the moment they max out their rank or whatever.

Anime/Video game side take: Dragon Ball series needs less super saiyans. Like 3 max.


You must have me mistaken for someone else for you see I am a perfect being who has never done anyone any wrong and I would appreciate if you wouldn’t insinuate that I am anything less.


If Dragon Ball takes are allowed, Vegeta should have been leveraging Great Ape form that Goku can’t use to make up for not being able to use Kaio-ken.

In video game takes, games need to slow the hell down. Every time I see a game described as “fast-paced” I have to discard any intention of ever playing it, which sucks if it otherwise sounds great.


Vince sure loves humiliating people who leave his company… What a child… I will fight you on that Sly Cooper take though. That first one is solid.


I’m not super well versed in Dragon Ball Lore, but it was my impression that the Great Ape form sort of had a built in power ceiling since control of mind and body is sort of being relinquished.


To derail for just a moment as a lapsed dragon ball viewer, I have a question.

If all the saiyans turn into huge apes when the moon is out, how the hell is their home planet not just an utter ruin? Do they not go full ape on their own planet?


It is in utter ruin. Cause it got destroyed by Frezia. Even before then, they often just wrecked like half of it because they did a genocide to an entire other race (which is where Baby comes from in GT). Their whole warrior culture probably came about as a necessity so they’d stop wrecking all of their own shit.


I don’t care how good your narrative or puzzle design is, if it feels like trash to navigate your world, your game is bad. Looking at you, Dear Esther and Fez

Also counter-dragon ball take: The only problem with Super Saiyan is that after they roll that out all of the human characters but Krillin, kind of, are sidelined. There was some interesting things they could have done in Super with Krillin being canonically the strongest human, or with Gohan’s power coming from how he’s not just a saiyan, but they just… didn’t


Technically, it’s just that Earth’s moon, at the full moon, gives off enough “Blutz waves” to cause that transformation, their home planet doesn’t necessarily have (a) moon(s) with the same properties.

And I’m pretty sure great ape form has some degree of loss of control, but it’s like the tail as a weakpoint, it gets better with training. Even if that wasn’t the case in the story as-written, there’s no reason it couldn’t be that way. It seems like a shame that Saiyans became more and more just humans by another name, and it would have been cool for the rivals to have different ace-in-the-hole techniques, and for the one who’s all about being “Prince of the Saiyans” to learn to embrace the one part of that heritage he wasn’t so keen on.


I know planet Vegeta is all ruined, but I guess I just don’t understand how they became a dominant force at all if once a month they just go wild and can’t control themselves even as babies. Is that ever explained at all?


Everyone else in the galaxy can’t lift.

It’s basically a Krogan situation. Sure, they may bomb themselves to the stone age, but they don’t need fancy pansy technology to take your planet.

From what I’ve seen in the entirety of Dragonball, the only races with any fighting ability are Earthlings (very rarely), Namekians, and Sayians, the rest being majorily owned by Frezia’s family to the point they’re basically a non-factor. The Sayians were pretty much the only real warrior race so it didn’t take long for them to fuck shit up.


Ocarina of Time and Twilight Princess are the worst 3D Zeldas and two of the worst games in the franchise - and that not being popular opinion is holding video games back in general.


All of Zelda except Link’s Awakening and Wind Waker are bad.


Wind Waker is definitely The Best One (at least outside Breath of the Wild, which is its own beast) but I like all the Zeldas one way or another - it’s just that most of them are more cohesive, have better dungeon or combat design, and often try super innovative experiments while Ocarina and Twilight Princess represent blandly executed vanilla.


I think Days Gone is gonna be a sleeper hit. It’s gonna do what State of Decay is doing better and with more flair.


That’s some nice optimism you got there.


Is “Majora’s Mask is the best Zelda and it’s not particularly close” actually a hot take?