Give Me A Hot Take About Video Games


I mean honestly, it doesn’t look like a BAD game per say… I know a lot of press have pretty much dumped on it from day 1 because of zombie fatigue, which I completely understand. That’s always given me pause, because looking at it, I don’t see anything WRONG with the game. It has been delayed enough to a point where I could use a neat zombie survival game in 2019.

Another big reason is that I really like the talent behind the main character. The actor’s name is Sam Witwer, and he’s a big name in the Star Wars community. He played Starkiller in the Force Unleashed games, which were pretty dang good, and he made Darth Maul into a character people actually CARED about in Clone Wars/Rebels. Witwer is a fantastic talent, and I am super excited to see what the story is around Days Gone.

Also, they’ve been dropping some gameplay vids that look pretty neat:

All of this gameplay looks real butt clenching to me, and that sounds like fun! I dunno, I feel like people are giving Days Gone an unfair shake with no reason.


I’m here to provide a new hot take.

Just Cause 4 owns. It’s buggy and doesn’t always look good but it’s fun, Chaos Meter is good, and I finally progressed to where I have fucking lightning and wind guns??? Holy shit.


Link between worlds is good though.


Is NO ONE going to bat for Minish Cap?! For shame y’all.


can’t tell if you’re joking or not but uhhh I actually do like minish cap

so I’m joining you on this quixotic quest is what I’m saying

(but link’s awakening is the best imo)


(My real hot take is that they’re all varying levels of good and these preferences come down to “did you like the 10% of this game that was noticeably different from the other ones” because, excluding Breath of the Wild, they’re the same game in a different skins)

I can feel my volcano of Zelda takes trying to erupt. Some samples beyond the ones already shared:

  • Saying “X game is Dark Souls” or vice versa is basically a gag at this point… but Zelda II is Dark Souls

  • Ocarina of Time gets significantly better when you consider it as a two-part piece with Majora’s Mask. Also, Ocarina of Time is Dark Souls (I literally wrote way too many words about this one).

  • 3D Zelda + 3D Metroid = Dark Souls

  • Phantom Hourglass and Spirit Tracks have some of the best touchscreen controls on the DS

…maybe these are actually Dark Souls takes. I’m in too deep.


The Zelda series peaked with the first game for me.


As a huge Zelda fan I sold Phantom Hourglass after playing it for two hours because it hurt my hand too much, so this is very confusing to me.

HOT TAKE: It’s underrated.

Oh also, Tetris is elegant from a design perspective but it isn’t actually that fun.


Dr. Mario IS NOT a real physician!


Mass Effect 3’s ending was satisfying.


less humans in Smash Bros. It should have been Jack Frost instead of Joker.


…honestly, it’s been a long time since I played them, and I was in my early teens. I might be misremembering how good they were.


Path of Radiance is the only good Fire Emblem


(Maybe) Hotter Take: Mass Effect’s ending was thematically strong, ending on the idea that you can’t just reform a system, but you need to completely transform it.

  • Dragon Age II is the best Dragon Age game
  • Majora’s Mask was more ambitious than actually good (great remake on the 3DS, though)
  • Grinding, tedium, repetition, etc. are all tools and aren’t inherently bad


Mass Effect 3 for life!


I’m glad I waited till the nonsense settled down to finally play and beat it.

I was fine with it. :slight_smile:


Dave Lang is not a monster.


Get out
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I don’t have any personal stake in it, but I feel like that Dragon Age take is so prevelant on this forum, that it’s barely a tepid take :cold_face: