Give Me A Hot Take About Video Games


Like I do get much of the criticism because 3’s writing overall was weaker outside the Citadel DLC. The endings they picked didn’t really explore a lot of the ideas that were being built up (particularly the dark energy stuff that I still find really interesting and it does cheap out with the relationships between organic and technological life), and the original versions left things arguably a little too vague in the control ending, but every choice is thematically relevant for both Shepard (you get a paragon and renegade option in unexpected ways and a third option based on self-sacrifice, not to mention a really interesting forth option after patch) and the ongoing major story threads of the trilogy. Even if one ending looks goofy, I felt it all worked overall.

THAT SAID, I do think how the Geth stuff within the meat of the game itself was handled really badly because they outright threw out a major plot point established in 2 that could have taken the conflict in a much more interesting and complex direction. The game as a whole tries way too hard to simplify a lot of conflicts in general cause we all gotta go beat up the big evil colonialism metaphor so we don’t have time to do the colonialism we wanna do, which is honestly a pretty weak way to take the last chapter of the Shepard story line, but they did end it in a way that left me satisfied. It had proper closure.


Dont mind another wrestling take I hope, but Velveteen Dream is THE best wrestler in the world right now


99.99% of video game storylines coming out of the AAA Space are somewhere between awful and trite. If they’re not just straight up bad and bland compared to any other medium then they’re just aping more successful stories and hoping the users can’t trace the source.

I cannot think of one AAA game’s story from the past 10 years that could past muster in any other medium. Games are being held back by the business and money focused structure of software development that they STILL use decades after those spaces initially diverged.


I do think this stuff is really fun to see develop but the shift on these “bubbles” being primarily multiplayer or service-based games means that it’s kind of depressing when something with a lot of promise dies on the vine because “cultural inflation” happened.


Since Zelda has been brought up:

My only interaction with the CD-I Zelda games has been through their buckwild cutscenes, and those bring me a lot of genuine joy. So, honestly, if you forced me to say what I thought about them, I would probably say that I like them. The CD-I Zeldas are good, y’all. You heard it here first (with a bunch of asterisks).

edit: Also, it goes to show how deprived the series has been of genuine characters with personality that CD-I Link is probably my favorite interpretation of him.


not really fair to pick the character that doesn’t get any dialogue outside of the CDI games, but the real ranking is Wind Waker link -> Skyward Sword Link -> BOTW Link -> the rest.

Also Zelda 2 is a really good zelda game, better than most of the 3D ones, it just desperately needs to have the lives system reworked. Even the translation is fantastic for the time (just look at Castlevania 2!)

Nintendo remake Zelda 2


my kingdom for a zelda 2 remake that looks like [hollow knight / gris / insert your fave 2d game with non-retro animation here]


Video games are good.



HOT TAKE: if they make a Zelda II sequel they should call it Zelda III


Actually let me add to this: When it comes to the consumption of popular art, video games stand well above any other medium. If I have to choose between going to the theater, paying too much for a ticket, sitting in a hot auditorium, having to listen to other people talk, or just staying home and playing Marvel’s Spider Man, I’m picking Spidey every time.

There’s basically no way to consume any of this stuff ethically, so I might as well go with, objectively, the best bang for my buck


Smash is not a good party game. Party games should be something anyone can pick up and play cause the basics are so easily understood, like Mario Kart or Jack Box. Smash requires a greater understanding of fighting games than people care to admit.

I’d say Smash is better as a competitive fighter than a casual game (which, yeah it is but there’s always a time and place for 4 man items on), but that isn’t a hot take.



I’ve created the single most powerful Jokes N’ Dokes thread this forum has ever seen



Ok here’s one:

WatchMojo’s top 10 list videos are actually good, especially the video game related ones.

They’re consistent, I learned about new games/movies/tv shows, and of the ‘top 10’ media genre, they aren’t that offensive to me…

I think ‘top 10’ lists get a lot of flak because of the whole Buzzfeed hate train that supports them. I have a friend who’s a journalism major, and he told me about how trends in journalism change every generation. What is eye-catching in the last generation is seen as the norm in journalism, and whatever new is considered ‘bad journalism.’

It isn’t bad, the format has just changed and growing trends forced it to change.


Agreed! Smash is technical and frankly not fun to suck at either.

Good party games are some combination of easy to pick up and fun/funny to fail at.


I think nostalgia is good and fine but I find it holds a lot of conversations around games back. I know this is just personal experience and isn’t true everywhere or of everyone but I find it very hard to recommend games to people when all they want is the same experiences over and over again.


My friend and I have watched more WatchMojo lists then probably anyone on the planet.

We do a thing we regularly refer to as “Listicuffs Fisticuffs” where we watch their videos and see how much we disagree. It really depends on the media they are discussing. When it’s “”"""""“Western Culture”""""""" they are ranking, they are usually pretty inoffensive. They tend to stick to the safe picks and not really branch into anything controversial or underrated.

But their lists for stuff like Anime usually fucking suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck

They did top 10 anime Vampires and shafted Dio


Video game adjacent: pop figures are (mostly) cute and them being relatively cheap means I can have a small thing related to something I like without breaking my bank and I appreciate that


I’ll agree with you here. I think these lists are cookie cutter but it’s a good way to at least introduce new ideas and series to people. The videos drive me nuts from a production standpoint but I’ve learned about lots of games and movies that weren’t even on my radar because they were on a list with something I knew a lot about.


Agreed! I like my little Geralt Pop Figure. Plus I have both Bob Ross and Cyber Satan sitting next to me at work. :3