Give Me A Hot Take About Video Games


A lot of people like to disparage R* by saying they “just want to be Tarantino”, but, dude, Red Dead Redemption 2 surpasses anything QT has made in (check when Jackie Brown came out) 20+ years.

Ya’ll SAW The Hateful Eight, right? Shit was friggin garbo.


Probably because Houser wasn’t the only writer on RDR2.

I really need Houser to STOP writing on Rockstar games, because his input makes them just awful.


okay im happy with what this thread has produced, wrap it up folks


No sorry, can’t do so until we ALSO include Radiant Dawn


Well, the annoying thing about their creative process is that they’re infamously (infamous especially after last year’s scandal) tight lipped about it. It’s hard to say who writes what in their games because we just don’t really know. We can infer some things, like maybe Michael Unsworth was in charge of the story because he alone accepted the award at the the Keighley’s, but it’s also entirely possible that Dan Houser is just not a dumbass on every full moon.


Radiant Dawn was so bad that it almost killed the franchise’s relevance in the west after Path of Radiance managed to create it. They had to resort to queerbating and shipping mechanics to keep the thing alive and now it’s a zombie of its former self.

All because Radiant Dawn was one of the worst strategy RPGs ever made.


Ok hear me out


also i’m love the Radiant Dawn gang


Radiant Dawn thought it was a good idea to include an entire story chunk where you had to use your starting game baby characters (90% of whom had no actual development or sometimes even defined personalities) to fight off Ike’s double ranked squad of war veterans.

In a game with permadeath.


I :clap: Love :clap: My :clap: Babies


reading through this thread so i can put myself to sleep until the 2020 election is over


I could read a whole thread of hot Fire Emblem takes. Radiant Dawn is only the second worst Fire Emblem (in the west at least) only because Shadow Dragon shares its problem of characters with zero character, was made based on a much clunkier game, and looks like butt.


I have honestly never met anyone who genuinely liked Shadow Dragon.


Radiant Dawn is frustrating because it has a mix of fundamental issues and structural plot issues, both of which are worth addressing.

The removal of supports is a huge detriment to giving the new characters it introduces a space to develop at a moment where the game feels like it is trying to lean into a fascinating area that no other Fire Emblem games touches by talking about what is, in all but name, a liberal-nationalist revolution (in the style of 1848) through the Dawn Brigade in Part 1.

Part 1 is the only time that the series genuinely takes the spotlight away from royalty (with the exception of the weak and manipulable Pelleas), even if through an often-goofy Fire Emblem-y lens – Path of Radiance comes close, but Elincia is a huge part of that story and Ike is basically a Daein princeling through his relationship with Greil.

Part 2 focuses on internal strife, which is generally where Fire Emblem does its best plots that focus on the royalty – it’s why Lyn and the early parts of Eliwood’s story in Fire Emblem are some of that game’s most compelling parts.

However, this is part of the plot structural issue with the game – it wants to move its camera around and sample a lot of different areas, which means new elements feel undercooked (especially Part 2) and it needs to rely on Path of Radiance to support its cast. It ends up feeling very wishy-washy as it goes into Part 3, partially because it is hard to develop relationships with new units without supports and who are not on screen for most of the story.

It’s frustrating!


Listen, you’re all very much right

but also I’d die for every person from Part 1. Also Aran was one of my first queer crushes.


I wish I loved this game :sob:


X-Com: Apocalypse was a brilliant game that has gone on to basically become like the Velvet Underground of a lot of later tactical games and it irritates the piss out of me every time I see an obvious X-Com: Apocalypse descendant get talked about without giving credit to the papa


Fresh take that I need validation on: Smash Bros. Ultimate’s main theme is just a mildly revised version of Alucard’s theme from Symphony of the Night (past the intros for each).

I’ve been listening to both and once I zone out I can’t tell which is which.


The trick to loving it is let it be your very first tactics game and a way you relate to your cousins. Also keep getting crushes on anime dudes and not putting two and two together.


Somebody needs to give japanese RPG developers an intervention to stop them from introducing barely-developed new systems at random every five minutes so that the entire first half of the game is technically the “tutorial” section


Devolver is one of the most consisently great publishers going today, but the way it feels like they try to position their “brand” before the actual devs of the games they put out is pretty fucking sketchy.

Like, can you imagine if EA tried to sell Mass Effect as the “new EA game”?