Give Me A Hot Take About Video Games


The Warcraft movie was alright


I should see Duncan Jones’ other films and then see this film. this is just a general comment


I mean tbh Duncan Jones has made 1.5 good movies out of 6, it’s just that the first one was so good we keep waiting for him to repeat it


I liked Mute. It was billed as Cyberpunk but really had more in common with 90s eurocrime films like the Pusher trilogy.


Guild Wars 1 was probably the best MMO.
The Matrix Online was the best game of stylized Rock Paper Scissors I ever played, and I still mourn its shutdown sometimes.


Shadow of Mordor is an intensely mediocre game with 1 neat trick that isn’t enough to cover up the rest of it’s issues.


Tetsuya Nomura should keep making Kingdom Hearts games…

… If only to keep him from tainting anything else. I’m looking at you, Final Fantasy XV. :eyes:


Katamari would be an astoundingly better game without time limits.


Like normalizing slavery as game mechanics?

Yeah, that always felt PRETTY WEIRD.

I always wondered how great the Mordor games could have been if the actual catch was that the protag had to negotiate with these tribes within Mordor, bring them to his side through political maneuvering instead of forcing them to do his bidding.

I’ve never liked the idea that the Orcs are all inherently evil. The games had a chance to rebuke that conceit, and instead followed closely to what Tolkien had written without challenging it at all.


Maybe you can clear something up for me: Are Tolkein’s orcs one dimensional because he didn’t really see them as “people”, like they’re more constructs than sentient beings?


Tolkien’s position on Orcs was actually way more conflicted than he’s often given credit for. He wrote them in as antagonists because the kind of historical epic he was telling had to have antagonists, but he also had a great deal of theological/philosophical trouble with the notion of an entire race being “evil” and never came up with an explanation he was happy with, aside from noting that the ones in LOTR are under the dominion of a singlular evil and in other circumstances they may have been very different.

The “origin” of Orcs as far as the story goes changed several times, at various points Tolkien toyed with like seven or eight different origins to go into his history, but he never really liked any of them.

edit to add:

[Eru/God] gave special ‘sub-creative’ powers to certain of His highest created beings: that is a guarantee that what they devised and made should be given the reality of Creation. Of course within limits, and of course subject to certain commands or prohibitions. But if they ‘fell’, as the Diabolus Morgoth did, and started making things ‘for himself, to be their Lord’, these would then ‘be’, even if Morgoth broke the supreme ban against making other ‘rational’ creatures like Elves or Men. They would at least ‘be’ real physical realities in the physical world, however evil they might prove, even ‘mocking’ the Children of God. They would be Morgoth’s greatest Sins, abuses of his highest privilege, and would be creatures begotten of Sin, and naturally bad. (I nearly wrote ‘irredeemably bad’; but that would be going too far. Because by accepting or tolerating their making — necessary to their actual existence — even Orcs would become part of the World, which is God’s and ultimately good.) But whether they could have ‘souls’ or ‘spirits’ seems a different question; and since in my myth at any rate I do not conceive of the making of souls or spirits, things of an equal order if not an equal power to the Valar, as a possible ‘delegation’, I have represented at least the Orcs as pre-existing real beings on whom the Dark Lord has exerted the fullness of his power in remodelling and corrupting them, not making them.

That’s from his letters - he didn’t like the idea that anyone, even a being created by pure evil, could be beyond redemption, even if it didn’t end up factoring into the book.


Yeah. Orcs, at least from what I remember, are birthed from the ground and are just inherently evil from their beginning. To his credit, I think Tolkien is recorded to have actually realized how racist this was, and had said how he regretted it.

The games are challenging established Tolkien lore, but don’t go far enough to a lot of people. They can invent characters and events separate of the books, but don’t do anything to shake our preconceptions of the elements within Tolkien’s world.


I definitely agree that the games don’t go nearly far enough in their reinterpretation. I absolutely hated how Bruz’s arc ended. HE WAS MY GOOD OLOG BUDDY!


HOT TAKE #23492740375

Inigo is the best companion to grace an Elder Scrolls game, and he’s from a fucking mod made by a fan.


It was definitely good enough to deserve a sequel and I will always be a little bitter that it seems to not be getting one


His interactions with Lucien from the Lucien mod are also GOOD.


I agree the games would have been a lot more interesting if they had just burned the lore to the ground and ran with it.


This makes me wonder…

When does LotR go into the public domain? I’d love to see alternative takes to the tale. How about a story where Frodo fails, and we get a Mistborn style epic about the balance of power in a world ruled by Sauron?


Oh! I’ll have to download.

Can you recommend any other Follower mods that aren’t anime women? lol


Voice chat was a mistake.