Give Me A Hot Take About Video Games


Hoth! He’s a bounty hunter that operates as a mobile radiant quest giver. Lucien, Hoth, and Inigo synergize and have dialogue with each other.


I still think it probably will as it made fucking BANK in China. They honestly can’t seem to get enough of our big budget CGI trash.


That is very true, if I remember right 80% of it’s sales or something near that were in China alone.


I just found this one! I needed more cat husbands and wives.


They’re basically posturing punk style while being very openly commercial. Grasshopper Manufactor style themselves as punk and actually can claim that because they’re pretty much just a studio doing whatever they want whenever they get a chance to do so, but Devolver isn’t actually a developer. They’re promoting studios that could fall under that style or branding…

The first E3 parody show they did was refreshing because they used their minor industry power to spit some truth at larger powers we all kind of wanted to hear, but it quickly rang hollow the second year when they repeated the same performance and the illusion of anti-authority absurdity melted away as they promoted several games along side he sketches and pulled a few groaning marketing moves only a garbage comedian or a trash marketing guy would come up with (like ruining the announcement of porting Metal Wolf Chaos by appropriating a Trump slogan).

I respect what Devolver does because it is insanely hard for new indie developers to get any attention, and they do port old or forgotten games so more people can experience them (I mean, they actually did a PC port of that Marc Echo game). However, their image has worn thin because they’ve become successful and are desperate to not call attention to that success for the sake of brand appeal.


I’m willing to tolerate Devolver’s antics if it means that they succeed in drawing attention to the kind of indie devs that they publish.


I feel the same. They have a great eye for talent, though I’m not sure how much longer they can pretend to be the Def Jam Records of videogames.


A while back on a Twitch stream riffing old game videos, I saw this awful promo from when XBox Live was launching. Leaving aside the casual Orientalism of its “kung fu master” shtick, it has a very clear vision of voice chat on XBox Live: you can trash-talk people over the internet, and if you’re a girl you can mask your voice to sound like a guy. No hyperbole, that’s explicitly the pitch. Voice chat was a mistake, and Microsoft knew it in 2002.


yeah that devlover shit is wack. i really cant stand how people dont see that crap as a pr stunt


Sorry to bring this back up (this thread moves really fast), but I don’t think orcs are born from the ground. There are orcs with lineages in The Hobbit and the appendices of The Lord of the Rings, and there’s definitely orc society. We don’t see much of orcs really outside of book 3 and book 6 of Rings, and then only soldiers, but even within that space they’re definitely people. I feel like the conception of orcs as a chaotic faceless mass is something other fantasy books have done (at least in Wheel of Time, the only other fantasy series I’ve read), but it’s not really in Tolkien, as was already posted above. The ground birth thing may have existed at some point but in The Silmarillion, at least, orcs are elves. Not to say Tolkien’s not racially problematic, necessarily, but I think he has a much worse reputation on this point than he deserves.

Can’t speak to what’s in Shadow of Mordor though as I don’t know a thing about it.


Seaman should be in Smash Bros


Hot take: Punk either dies or devolves to openly embracing commercialism/capitalism, including anarcho-capitalism. If it isn’t dead it’s just posturing.


Danganronpa 1 rips off an uncomfortable amount from Decapitation: Kubikiri Cycle (trapped savant murder mystery involving the nature of despair, featuring the ultimate chef, the ultimate fortune teller, ultimate programmer, ultimate maid, etc.) to the point where the big bad’s motivations don’t make sense without having read the novel, and any time Kodaka tries to move away from copying other mystery authors his writing is poor (see: the anime)


even if its just a pr stunt in a ‘that calvin and hobbes comic about death metal bands’ kinda way atleast its a good and entertaining stunt imo

much better than the brainmeltingly boring squeaky clean microsoft presentations at e3

even with all of its pedantry last year that didnt work atall atleast what sony was up to was different.

thats why ill defend the pc expo because i think day9 can carry that showcase off of personality alone, and they ge tthrough allot of games.


J R R Tolkien died in 1973. Barring changes to copyright law to make it in any way sensible, copyright on his works will therefore lapse 70 years after that: at the end of 2043.

Working around copyright, however, there’s obviously a bunch of works which have commented on aspects of LotR… [I know, all of modern fantasy, but I’m thinking of specific takes, like the one on the nature of Orcs in Pratchett’s Unseen Academicals; or Jacqueline Carey’s The Sundering [] which explicitly tries to do LoTR but from the “evil” side, and subvert Tolkien’s morality in the process.]


Spicy take: Apex Legends’s respawn system was done earlier and better in Realm Royale. Going into a chicken state that automatically respawns you after a set period of time is simply more engaging for both killer and victim than Down But Not Out. And forging a resurrection forces you to allocate resources and prioritize in a way that banners never can.


fortnite is uglier than pubg tbh


Persona Q is the best “Persona” game. The real best persona game is TWEWY, though.
Is this a hot take? (Also, god, cannot wait for PQ2 to come out)


Even Tolkien was mixed on Orcs always being evil later in his life.

(EDIT: Never mind, this was answered better upthread)


I might not be as hot on Q as you are, but “Light the Fire Up in the Night” is easily the best battle theme in the series.