Give Me A Hot Take About Video Games


I feel almost the exact opposite. This is the worst nitpick ever but I ended up really not liking Killing Floor because of just how static it’s environments were.


Monster Hunter is a shallow as hell game largely comprised of watching a handfull of youtube tutorials to one the one to two combos you will need for any given weapon and then just hoping that you brought the right consumables in the right amounts so you don’t fail the banal checklist you need to fill so you don’t have to redo the 20 minutes it takes to kill whatever lizard you are hunting. This is largely fine

The Souls games would be far worse if they had checkpoints before bosses as the only thing a game can truly punish a player with is “wasting” their time and giving people the chance to immediately restart a fight would suck the life out of the games and drain the game would of any sense of place

It would still be nice if a lot of those boss fights weren’t behind elevators though. Elevators in video games are bad. Unless you’re Dead Space than they are scary but only the first few times

Dead Space 3 was a good game


I don’t think we can ever let this thread die, its energy is too powerful.

Of all the Star Wars media that’s ever been made, the KOTOR games are the only thing that deserves to survive an apocalyptic event. And maybe Rogue One. Because it’s the best movie.


Can I hot take that (respectfully, mods have final say obviously), in hindsight, this thread has had a lot of perhaps jokingly-framed but legitimately good discussion and should probably not be a jokes n’ dokes thread that will get lost at the bottom of the forum once it’s inevitably locked?


To be “fair” to those awful memes, last gen was a super iffy time for level and systems design generally. The weirdly accelerated graphical expectations mixed with absurdly low RAM ceilings, bizarre CPU issues between platforms creating further common limitations, worse streaming tech and very silly demographic assumptions meant we had a dearth of expansive stealth action, and even most attempts were notably held back or… uncanny? Like, I mark out for Alpha Protocol too, but it was a huge exception to a rule of its gen and wears its messiness/limitations on its sleeve, and is still segmented enough to be more like a Mass Effect 1-type thing with stealth/better dialogue choice reactivity.

Then Far Cry 3, despite being mostly awful, went “hey detection meters above heads haven’t taken for some reason, how bout radial detection” and stumbled face first into good structure with its outposts/slight emergent stuff, which seemed to get people experimenting with accessible UI/tutorials for stealth and emergent gameplay enough that it snowballed into a resurgence of systems-driven gameplay and elaborate levels.

Yes this is all a pretentious way to say my real hot take which is that I mostly despise 7th gen more than any other, to an unreasonable degree. It’s not devoid of good, but christ its most pervasive trends were insufferably boring.

I suppose what i should have said is that game physics are an aspect of aesthetics, not an overriding value. Different games focus on different forms of physics, all of them principally have some form they have to decide on (I.e, all character movement and reactivity is technically “game physics”) and that forms a big part of its their overall aesthetics. i.e, KF puts little emphasis on environment activity/reactivity and most emphasis on shoot you gun at they zombie and make they ragdoll go, and also feels stiff and weird to control, and my hot take is that that counts as aesthetics. Not good aesthetics, but aesthetics.


Dark Souls’ much touted ‘world design’ is just a bunch of levels stacked on top of each other connected by stairs and elevators.

Also everything after Anor Londo is as rushed and unfinished as Dark Souls 2.


While diversity is commendable, the character of Apex Legends’ characters is even more shallow and cliche than Overwatch. Mysterious spiritual murder person and literally Jack from Mass Effect 2 know what I’m talking about.


Wrex should have been romanceable, including and especially by maleshep.


Counter and complimentary: The fact that the default appearance of FemShep was decided by a Facebook poll is so so dumb and I’m not just saying that because I don’t like the appearance of default FemShep.

Shep Take 2: Mark Meer is actually a good actor but was only ever going to pale in comparison to arguably the best VA in the industry, Jennifer Hale, and yet still he works the humor in the games better than she does.


Storytelling is not the frontier of video games, it’s actually a very shallow endeavor that doesn’t respect the medium of games and instead tries to twist them into something they are not, because stories are viewed by society as artful whereas games are viewed as escapist entertainment.


Kingdom Hearts 3 is only barely above the quality of the average licensed movie tie-in game, with only a bit more of a production budget for asset quality and to justify a layer of RPG menus. But its design ambition and polish is within the ballpark of something developers would rush out in 18 months to meet a movie release date.


No argument from me on either front, though i realized that i said “real actor [default maleshep] is based on” and that might’ve come across as me dunking on Mark Meer. I realized i was referring to an unsubstantiated claim that Mark Vanderloo was didn’t want maleshep being queer.

So, redacting that claim, what I meant to say, is bioware just kind of… sucks.


Nah, I got your meaning from the start.

ME Hot Take 3: The way in the beginning of ME3 where everyone is in their better designed and made dress uniforms as if this is the movie of the sci-fi tv series and costuming wanted to flex their bigger budget was a great and cheeky move.


Okay, here’s a take:

Games Workshop was 100% correct in nixing the Old World setting of Warhammer Fantasy, and replacing with Age of Sigmar. It killed all the awful racialized fantasy races, a boring, exoticized map, and replacing it with Mythic Storytelling Nonsense.


Makes a game that spends 95% of it’s time being about fun exciting murder and 5% of it’s time saying violence is bad

Wow I can’t believe the gamers took the wrong message from the game smh.


Rouge One is THE best Vietnam movie also


this is maybe less a hot take than a side eye but

i only watch gaming videos on youtube and my recommendations are totally fine so i dunno what y’all been watching but john wolfe chip cheezum and hearthstone streamers have never taken me anywhere i don’t wanna be


what does this mean, I’m super curious.


Congrats on being right. It’s cool they’re mostly getting better about representation, though I’ve seen some people still not super thrilled with where the Daughters of Khaine are at.


Rainbow Six: Siege is the best tactical shooter around right now but I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone because it has one of the most toxic communities I’ve ever seen.